Study: Pedestrian Detection Tech Works, but Has a Long Way to Go

by Paul Riegler

A new study found that, as pedestrian fatalities are increasing dramatically, driver-assistance technology designed to detect and avoid pedestrians has made significant technological gains.
The study, conducted by the Automobile Association of America, found that these systems, which incorporate automatic emergency braking, still have a long way to go to reliably detect people in the path of an automobile.
The non-profit tested four 2019 model-year cars – a Chevrolet Malibu, a Honda …

October Travel News Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of the Past Month’s Headlines

by Jesse Sokolow

How up-to-date are you with travel and aviation news from the past month. Take our travel news quiz and you could win a piece of airline and travel history including items from Pan Am, Cunard, and TWA.
In last month’s quiz, the question about which European automaker was caught using a so-called “defeat device” to cheat on EPA emissions tests had the highest share of correct answers, with 95%, but only …

Great Moments in Travel History – October 2019

by Jesse Sokolow

October, the tenth month of the year in both the Julian and Gregorian calendar, is the sixth of seven months in a year that have 31 days. It was the eighth month in the old Roman calendar and its name comes from the Latin word for eight, “octo.”
October will forever be associated with Oktoberfest, a celebration of Bavarian culture and Bavarian beer that now begins at the end of September in …

Upgrading to the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

by Jeremy Del Nero

The question of an iPhone upgrade is one that is always fraught with peril.  If you’ve already decided to move up to the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, you need read no further, but if you are on the fence, please carry on.
The iPhone 11 product line – which includes the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, have significantly better battery life and …

Sunday is National Coffee Day: Here’s Where to Get Your Free Cup of Joe

by Paul Riegler

Please pass the sugar.  Tomorrow, September 29, is National Coffee Day, a day that celebrates the rich, delicious hot (and sometimes iced) beverage that so many of us love to start the day with.
To celebrate, many coffee houses and businesses are offering customers free or discounted cups of coffee.
Here’s where to get yours.
Krispy Kreme. The nation’s oldest doughnut and coffee company – it was founded in 1937 – is offering customers …

New York City’s New Tourist Destination: Apple’s Fifth Avenue Flagship Store

by Anna Breuer

Apple’s flagship Fifth Avenue Store, with its iconic glass cube entrance, reopened to customers and visitors alike with the launch of the Apple iPhone 11 and 11 Pro following a two-year renovation and expansion.  Today it is the largest Apple store in the world.
The entrance may still feature 15 panes of glass and a hanging illuminated Apple logo but the similarities to the old incarnation of the store end there.
Above …

Flight Review: Avianca Clase Ejecutiva Business Class New York – Bogotá

by Jonathan Spira

The roads were empty as my driver headed down the parkway towards John F. Kennedy International Airport-Terminal 4 at 4:30 in the morning but the terminal was surprisingly busy for the hour. There were dedicated queues and agents for Clase Ejecutiva and only one person was ahead of me so the wait was minimal.
The agent asked the standard security questions and issued a boarding card, advising that I could use the …