2019 Frequent Business Traveler Holiday Gift Guide: Diamond Edition

by Paul Riegler

The tradition of the Frequent Business Traveler Holiday Gift Guide: Diamond Edition dates back to 2012, a tradition at the magazine almost as old as watching the New Year’s Eve cult classic.
Shopping for the holidays can be daunting, but what is one to do when faced with finding the perfect gift for the traveler who has diamond status with almost every airline and hotel chain.
We’ve selected gifts that will fill …

Review: Hotel Bennett, Charleston, South Carolina

by Jeremy Del Nero

The Hotel Bennet stands tall and mighty over Marion Square.  Its large footprint, soaring arched entryways, and white exterior are striking, giving the property the appearance of a majestic European palace.
Grand. Classic. Regal. Elegant. These are the adjectives that came to mind upon entering Hotel Bennet’s marble hall. Every few steps, a helpful staff member would bow slightly and offer assistance and guidance for checking in and carrying baggage. …

Review: American Airlines Flagship Business In-Flight Dining – The New James Beard Menus

by Paul Riegler

Airline food.  Ask anyone and at best you’ll hear it’s a necessary evil, at least on longer flights. That hasn’t stopped numerous airlines from trying to move away from what – in 2008 – Oliver Beale, an advertising executive. famously called a “culinary journey of hell” in a note to Sir Richard Branson.
While many airlines have partnered with so-called celebrity chefs, American Airlines has taken a different path. American was the …

5 Tips to Combat Text Neck and iPhone Elbow

by Jeremy Del Nero

As I write this, I feel a dull pain in my neck, even though I am perfectly positioned in my ergonomic desk chair with my MacBook Pro on the desk at the recommended height.  It isn’t the chair, nor is it the Mac. Rather, it’s stemming from the time I spend hunched over my phone, looking at news, social media, and just keeping tabs on the world.
While FBT Editorial Director …

Ready to Ring in the New Decade? You May Have to Wait Another 12 Months

by Jonathan Spira

Ready to celebrate the new decade and the start of what may be the Roaring 20s when ringing in the New Year in a few weeks?
Not everyone is.
The 1920s was a decade of economic growth and prosperity with distinctive cultural developments.  Known in France as the années folles, or crazy years, and also referred to as the Jazz Age, it was the decade that saw the advent of commercial aviation, …

5 Tips for a Safer Uber or Lyft Ride

by Anna Breuer

With recent headlines that include over 3,000 allegations of sexual assault by Uber drivers in 2018, many passengers are justly concerned about their safety when using a ride-hailing service such as Uber or Lyft.
Here are five tips that will help keep passengers safe.
1.)       Compare vehicle info before entering the vehicle.  All ride-hailing apps provide information about the color, make, model, and license plate number of your particular ride.
2.)       Verify driver …

Restaurant Review: Mishiguene at Intersect by Lexus, New York City

by Jonathan Spira

Mishiguene.  The Argentine transliteration for the Yiddish “meshugene” (in Yiddish, משוגעןע), i.e. crazy.  This is the name Chef Tomás Kalika, known for his interpretation of dishes of the Jewish diaspora, chose for his restaurant in Buenos Aires, and for its outpost in New York City at Intersect by Lexus.
Don’t speak Yiddish? Neither does the wait staff but you probably know more Yiddish than you may think.  Bagel, blintz, glitch, kvell, …