Survey: Which Apps Do You Use Most When Traveling?

by Jesse Sokolow

Which apps do frequent travelers rely on both at home and when traveling?
It’s rare to find a frequent traveler without an Apple or Android smartphone in hand and even more uncommon to find one who doesn’t rely on certain apps to ease the burden of traveling and add to the experience.
Frequent Business Traveler and GlobeRunner Insights want to find out which apps frequent travelers rely on the most, not including …

Great Moments in Travel History – September 2017

by Jesse Sokolow

The Wright brothers arrived in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, on September 12, 1900, where they would begin their first season of glider experiments.
John Jacob Astor IV’s St. Regis hotel in New York City opened on September 4, 1904. The hostelry, which continues to operate to this day, is known for its iconic King Cole Bar, which features Maxfield Parrish’s “Old King Cole” painting that had been created for Astor’s short-lived …

Review: ‘Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill’ at Wyndham’s Theatre

by Blaise Buckley

LONDON—The legendary Billie Holiday, born Eleanora Fagan and nicknamed Lady Day by her friend, musician Lester Young, had in her short 44 years a major influence on jazz and pop music. Another legend, Audra McDonald, who holds the record for the most Tony Awards (six), portrays Holiday in “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill,” which crossed the pond from Broadway to the West End for a limited engagement.
The show …

Review and Test Drive: 2017 Honda Civic Si

by Paul Riegler

When the bright red 2017 Honda Civic Si arrived at our offices, it stood out, and not because it was arrest-me-red. Based on the rather boldly styled 2017 Honda Civic, the Si adds a 205-horsepower turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder powerplant, a six-speed manual with short-throw shifter, striking 18” wheels, and gear-limited slip differential.
Based on the Japanese automaker’s popular Honda Civic, which was introduced as an inexpensive subcompact in 1972 although it …

Review: Heathrow Express Paddington Station-London Heathrow Airport

by Paul Riegler

If your stay in London brings you near Paddington Station, you might wish to consider the Heathrow Express to get to and from the Airport. While it’s somewhat pricey for a 15-minute journey, it’s well worth it given that other alternatives – including taxi – will take at least four times as long to make the same trip.
Paddington Station itself is worth a visit: an historic terminal, it has served …

Restaurant Review: Michelle’s Kitchen, Rego Park, N.Y.

by Jonathan Spira

Almost a decade after closing his Manhattan establishment, restaurateur Samir “Michelle” Billon still has a loyal following. He hasn’t exactly been underground: instead he’s been operating a catering business out of Long Island City but recently decided to return to the restaurant world with a French and Belgian influenced establishment. His choice of location: an unassuming street in the Rego Park section of New York City.
Arriving during a heavy downpour …

Theater Review: ‘Bat Out of Hell’ at London Coliseum

by Jonathan Spira

LONDON—Forty years ago, Michael Lee Aday, known better by his stage name Meat Loaf, and composer Jim Steinman, after failing to produce a futuristic rock opera based loosely on Peter Pan that would have been called “Neverland,” released an album that became one of the best-selling albums of all time: “Bat Out of Hell.”
Perhaps better late than never, Steinman finished his musical, using the same “Bat Out of Hell” title …