BMW Welt Reopens in Munich As Coronavirus Restrictions in Germany Ease

by Kurt Stolz

The BMW Welt, BMW’s €500 million ($540 million) brand experience and delivery center, reopened Friday after closing on March 17, following a directive issued by the Bavarian government for all tourist attractions to close.
Now the most popular tourist attraction in Munich, the BMW Welt opened its doors on October 17, 2007 with 800 guests in attendance, followed by a Tag der Öffenen Tür – or Open House – on …

Why Empty Middle Seats Probably Won’t Be the New Normal

by Kurt Stolz

Full flights with few empty seats are making headlines but they probably aren’t the norm today. Yet.
Meanwhile, over half of all passenger aircraft in the United States are grounded amidst the coronavirus pandemic and, as more passengers are starting to return to the skies, the days of empty airliners may soon be over.
The number of people who traversed the nation’s security checkpoints on Friday reached the highest number in six weeks, …

Roman Holiday? Here’s How Europe Will Attempt to Salvage the Summer Travel Season

by Paul Riegler

A vacation on the Continent this summer may not be a pipe dream, after all.
The European Union announced on Wednesday a plan to salvage the summer season amidst the coronavirus pandemic.
The European Commission outlined guidance for how countries could lift ID checks at borders that were closed due to the pandemic, promulgate health measures for hotels, and get its airlines back into operation, all while ensuring the health and safety …

With Broadway Shuttered, ‘Moulin Rouge,’ ‘Jagged Little Pill’ Lead 2020 Outer Critics Circle Awards

by Anna Breuer

The 2020 Outer Critics Circle award honorees were announced Tuesday in an online video.  In the past, nominations were announced in the storied Oak Room in New York City’s Algonquin Hotel, and this year’s announcement was – prior to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic which resulted in the closing of New York City and West End theaters – slated to be held at Lincoln Center.
For the truncated 2019-2020 …

Airlines Want the TSA to Check for Fevers, But This May Just Serve as Window Dressing

by Kurt Stolz

Will temperature checks for passengers be part of the so-called “new normal” when people begin to travel once again?
An industry group representing major U.S. airlines including the four largest U.S. carriers, American, United, Delta, and Southwest, thinks so.
Airlines for America said Saturday that its members support having the Transportation Security Administration take the temperatures of travelers and customer-facing airline employees for the duration of the novel coronavirus pandemic.
Health officials believe …

You’ve Been Using Clorox Wipes All Wrong: Here’s the Correct Way

by Anna Breuer

In the age of the novel coronavirus, disinfectation is trendy.
Indeed, disinfecting surfaces is an excellent way to contain the spread of the virus according to the Centers for Disease Control and Infection, and disinfectant wipes such as those made by Clorox and other companies are an excellent way to do that.  When selecting a disinfecting wipe, keep in mind that the product should specifically indicate it’s a disinfectant, which means …

The Post-Coronavirus Age is ‘The End of the Beginning’

by Jonathan Spira

How different might the post-coronavirus world look? Many predict radical change while others expect things to return to the way they were before the virus struck. Some see an apocalypse, others a minor shift in how we live.
I see neither.  To borrow from Churchill, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning,” as this quote …