Photo Essay: United Airlines’ Final Boeing 747 Flight Gives the Queen of the Skies a Royal Sendoff

by Jonathan Spira

United Airlines operated its last ever Boeing 747 passenger flight last week and took passengers back to the 1970s for a memorable experience and non-stop party.
After three hours of festivities at the departure gate, the leisure-suit clad crowd boarded and the real party began. There was a once-in-a-lifetime fly-by of the Golden Gate Bridge and downtown San Francisco, retro menus from the 70s including delicacies from Trader Vic’s, dry ice …

Lobby Bar – November 10: Hand-Powered Cars, Camping on Hotel Roofs, and Ferry-Boating to Cuba

by Jeremy Del Nero

Lobby Bar – Your Connecting Flight to Never Never Land
All powerful arms. Paul Riegler explains why it may cost less to own an electric vehicle rather than a petrol-powered car, even though the up-front cost is higher. This is, of course, because electric vehicles can be charged by a hand crank that ships with the vehicles: just 10,000 turns of the crank will net the driver nearly .75 kilometers of …

Why Electric Vehicles May Have the Edge When It Comes to Cost of Ownership and Operation

by Paul Riegler

While electric vehicles still look expensive, when compared to more traditional petrol-powered vehicles, their prices have come down in recent years. But that’s only half the story: their total cost of ownership is significantly lower as is the cost to power the vehicle.
More affordable EVs have come onto the market including the 220-mile (354-kilometer) range Tesla Model 3 (the MSRP is $35,000 although the average sale price is expected to …

History in the Making: United Airlines Final Boeing 747 Flight Takes Off

by Jonathan Spira

SOMEWHERE OVER THE PACIFIC—Since its launch in 1970, over 1,500 Boeing 747 Jumbo Jets have graced the skies. Today, November 7, 2017, United Airlines, one of the two remaining U.S. carriers flying the graceful airliner, operated its final 747 flight, from San Francisco to Honolulu, recreating its inaugural 747 flight over the same route on July 23, 1970. This report is being published live from onboard the final flight.
“Flying to …

Short Stay: Hyatt Place DFW, Dallas, Texas – Hotel Review

by Jonathan Spira

A change in my itinerary meant that I would spend one night in Dallas in between flights so I elected to spend that night at the first new hotel to open in a decade at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the Hyatt Place DFW.
I had previously stayed at both the Hyatt Regency and the Grand Hyatt at the airport and, while both are satisfactory, I wanted to try something new. While …

How Did the Recent Terrorist Attack Impact Tourism in New York?

by Anna Breuer

It happened in London, Nice, Munich, Brussels, Manchester, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, and other major cities.
Now it was New York’s turn in the crosshairs, a deadly attack in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday, where six of the eight individuals killed were visitors from other countries to a city that had experienced the worst terrorist attack in history on September 11, 2001, with a loss of life just under 3,000.
When the recent slew …

Lobby Bar – November 3: Time Travel for Cheap, Oscar Wilde’s Favorite Hotel, and Screen Lickers Anonymous

by Jeremy Del Nero

Lobby Bar – Nowhere to Go But Up
Free flying. Take our fall travel quiz for a chance to win a deck of United Airlines 747 trading cards. These cards can be used as a valid boarding pass on the planes depicted in the images, but keep in mind that these aircraft are being taken out of service, so you have a fairly limited opportunity to score a free seat on a …