Review: ‘High Button Shoes’ at Encores Great American Musicals at City Center

by Jonathan Spira

More often than not, musicals of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s are being updated and reflect a more contemporary outlook on life. Be it when Billy Bigelow hits Julie Jordan, Henry Higgins molds Eliza Doolittle in his image, or Fred tames Lilli, the musicals “Carousel,” “My Fair Lady,” and “Kiss Me, Kate” represent what is considered by many an outdated point of view on male-female relations and adjustments were made.
Enter …

Boeing Wants You to Trust the 737 Max: Here’s One Expert’s View

by Anna Breuer

Boeing, after bungling its response to two deadly crashes of its new 737 Max aircraft and admitting that the company knew of issues with new technology that wasn’t ready for prime time in the aircraft, has a credibility gap.
The Chicago-based aircraft manufacturer is working to restore the faith of airlines, airline employees, and travelers in the aircraft while it tries to get its proposed software fix for the aircraft certified …

Missing Piece of Stonehenge Returned 60 Years After Removal, May Hold Clues to Its Origin

by Paul Riegler

A missing piece of stone from Stonehenge has been returned to England some 60 years after it was taken, English Heritage said on Wednesday.
Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England, comprised of a ring of stones, each 13 feet (four meters) high, seven feet (2.1 meters) wide, with an approximate weight of 25 tons. English Heritage, which manages over 400 prehistoric sites, historic monuments, and landmarked houses, is responsible …

United Airlines Economy Plus New York LaGuardia-Chicago O’Hare – Flight Review

by Jonathan Spira

New York to Chicago is one of the busiest air routes in the United States, No. 3 after New York-Los Angeles and Los Angeles-San Francisco, which are ranked first and second, respectively. The flights attract both business and leisure travelers and airlines offer shuttle and shuttle-like schedules to meet the need, with over 24,100 flights in the period March 2018 through February 2019 operated by four carriers carrying some three …

Travel News Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of the Past Month’s Headlines

by Jesse Sokolow

Are you fully up-to-date with your travel news? Take our travel news quiz and you could win a piece of airline history including items from Pan Am.
In last month’s quiz, the question about Tower Bridge’s anniversary had the highest share of correct answers, with 94%, but only 17% knew the correct answer about the highest observation deck in the Western Hemisphere, which is at 30 Hudson Yards in New York …

Lobby Bar – May 3: Somber Moments, Wet Bars, and ‘I’ll Take Airline Computer Crashes for $500 please, Alex!’

by Anna Breuer

Lobby Bar – What Happens in Lobby Bar Stays in Lobby Bar
Achtung.  A more somber look at the new exhibit in New York, “Auschwitz. Not Long Ago. Not Far Away.,” is required.  It will open to the public on May 8, the day Germany surrendered in 1945, at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City.
One moment please…Another delay, we know.  But Marriott’s CEO, Arne Sorensen, was just diagnosed …

Retelling the Horrors of Auschwitz at a Museum in New York

by Jonathan Spira

Outside, a freight car of the kind used by the National Socialists to deport Jews, gay men, and Roma to the ghettos of occupied Poland and to concentration and extermination camps throughout Europe.
Inside, tiny children’s shoes, eyeglasses, a gas mask used by the SS, the desk used by Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss, and pots and pans that would have been extremely ordinary had their owners not perished in the Holocaust.
These …