‘O’zapft is!’ 185th Oktoberfest Opens in Munich

by Christian Stampfer

MUNICH—With the words “O’zapft is” (it’s tapped) and a 12-gun salute, the Lord Mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter, opened the 185th Oktoberfest at the stroke of noon on Saturday.
A Festzug, or parade, preceded the ceremony from the city center to the Oktoberfest grounds at the Theresienwiese, led by the Münchner Kindl, the symbol of the city, followed by the lord mayor. The procession continued with horse-drawn carriages and floats from …

Take Our 2018 Late Summer Travel News Quiz and Win Pan Am and Cunard Memorabilia

by Paul Riegler

The final days of summer are upon us, and with it, our Late Summer Travel News Quiz.
Catch a few rays while finding out if you have paid sufficient attention here by taking this quiz. By doing so, you could win a piece of travel history including items from Pan Am and the Queen Elizabeth 2.
Simply scroll down, have fun, and share the quiz with your friends to see who gets …

Lobby Bar – September 21: Captain von Trapp, Tonight Show Competitors, and ‘I’ll Take Steve Jobs for $200, Alex!”

by Anna Breuer

Lobby Bar: A Blessing for the New Year
Stupid pet tricks. Anna Breuer gets a hold of Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 12, and watch operating system, watchOS 5, and appears on Letterman, thanks to Jesse’s time machine, for a special segment.  While her updated iPhone managed to ride a miniature horse blindfolded, it was unable to dance the merengue.
German language confusion. Paul Riegler gets pulled over driving the new 2018 …

World’s Busiest Airport? It’s Atlanta (Again)

by Jesse Sokolow

While it may seem that airports are getting busier, that may not always be the case.
The world’s busiest airport – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International – saw close to 104 million passengers last year, allowing it to hold that title for yet another year.
Indeed, two of the world’s five busiest airports are in the United States – the other was Los Angeles International Airport – but the busiest, Atlanta, was slightly less …

What’s New in CarPlay with iOS 12

by Paul Riegler

With the launch of iOS 12, Apple provides some significant updates to CarPlay as well. The updates revolve around two of the most popular types of apps used by drivers, namely audio and navigation.  The overall user interface remains largely unchanged.
If you’re not familiar with Apple CarPlay, it is an in-vehicle touch-based display interface that functions as an extension of a driver’s iPhone and was introduced at the 2014 Geneva …

Restaurant Review: La Pulperia, New York City

by Jonathan Spira

Yorkville, a neighborhood in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, is something I associated largely with German and Austrian restaurants and shops and, to a lesser extent, Hungarian ones. Austrian and German cafes and establishments shut their doors as the neighborhood changed, replaced by high-rise residential complexes.
I was therefore not surprised to find a wonderful South American restaurant, La Pulperia, on Second Avenue there.
You won’t find something called Pulperia on the menu, …

14 Brand New Things You Can Do in Apple iOS 12 and watchOS 5

by Anna Breuer

Today is iOS 12 and watchOS 5 day, something you may have noticed if you saw friends and colleagues huddled over the iPhones and Apple Watches starting around 1 p.m. EDT, watching the upgrades progress.
First announced in June, the final versions of Apple’s latest mobile OS and watch OS are being pushed out to eager Apple fans across the globe.
The new mobile operating system will work on an iPhone 5C …