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Survey: Which Apps Do You Use Most When Traveling?

Which apps do frequent travelers rely on both at home and when traveling?
It’s rare to find a frequent traveler without an Apple or Android smartphone in hand and even more uncommon to find one who doesn’t rely on certain apps to ease the burden of traveling and add to the experience.
Frequent Business Traveler and GlobeRunner Insights want to find out which apps frequent travelers rely on the most, not including …

You Heard It Here First: The Man Who Wrote Those Pesky Password Rules Now Says ‘S0r^Y’

A few months after the National Institute of Standards and Technology issued a draft of new password guidelines that argued against periodic password changing and imposing password complexity, Bill Burr, the man responsible for those complex rules, recanted.
“Much of what I did I now regret,” he told the Wall Street Journal when interviewed about his work.
As a manager at NIST in 2003, Burr wrote the eight-page document that became the …

Review and Report: Apple Watch Hermès and Apple Watch Series 2

As someone who stayed up until 3 a.m. the first day the original Apple Watch went on sale and who has faithfully worn it to the neglect of some very fine watches since April 2015, I have always been curious about the Apple Watch Hermès.
While the watch itself is the same, the Apple Watch Hermès comes with exquisite handmade leather bands and a special Hermès watch face that isn’t available on …

Review: ResMed AirMini Portable CPAP Machine

Sleep apnea is a medical condition that afflicts more than 18 million adults causing them to stop breathing for at least ten seconds many times an hour. It is easily treated at home with a bedside machine and related accessories that are prescribed by a doctor and commonly covered by health insurance plans.
Note the key word in the preceding paragraph: “home.”
A close family member was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea …

Apple CarPlay to Get Lane Guidance, Speed Limit Info, Alternative Routes in iOS 11 But Here’s What Else We Want

It fell to me, the sole Android user on staff, to put together a dispassionate wish list for new features in CarPlay when Apple launches its iOS 11 operating system come fall. Some of the more rabid CarPlay fans here at Frequent Business Traveler, including FBT Editorial Director Jonathan Spira and News Editor Paul Riegler among them, didn’t shy away from telling me what they thought.
If you’re not familiar with …

Five Cameras That Changed History and Made Photography What It Is Today

While, thanks to the built-in cameras in our smartphones, more photographs are taken today than ever before, photography was at one time an activity that was done only on a special occasion and carried with it a significant cost.
Photo historian Jonathan Spira, FBT’s editorial director and a co-author of “The History of Photography,” named a best book of the year by the New York Times, takes a snapshot (yes, pun …

3 Tips to Keep Your iPhone or Android Smartphone Charged During the Day

Today’s smartphones have so many apps running in the background that sometimes it’s just a matter of hours before a user goes in search of a place to refresh the battery charge.
Here are three tips that will ensure your device is charged and still good to go at the end of the day.
1.) Carry a portable charger.
Instead of spending time searching for an outlet or putting your smartphone in a …