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Google’s New Wireless Headphones with Real-Time Translation Could Transform Travel

Google Translate has been a godsend for travelers, breaking down language barriers and allowing people who speak different languages hold a coherent conversation. This week, at an event it held to introduce several new products, the company known largely for its ubiquitous search engine unveiled Google Pixel Buds.
Designed in part to compete with Apple’s popular wireless Airpods, Google Pixel Buds harness Google Translate’s real-time translation capabilities with an interface …

Interview: Hyatt’s New Head of Global Loyalty is ‘Laser Focused’ on Keeping Guests Happy

If you listen to the headline writers, loyalty is dead, possibly killed by millenials who were too apathetic to notice. Companies in the travel industry – hoteliers, airlines, rental car agencies, and the like – hope this isn’t the case, although they realize they need to reinvent their relationships with their customers.
When Hyatt Hotels revamped its guest loyalty program and renamed it World of Hyatt, there was a certain amount …

Motorola Moto Z2 Force Edition – Smartphone Review

Motorola is going back to its roots, reviving the old “Hello, Moto” campaign used on its iconic RAZR flip phones. Parent company Lenovo has also shed its name from Motorola products, letting the brand stand for itself.  Both of these strategies seem to be working, pumping new life into the Motorola brand and the smartphone market at a time when recent flagship releases from other major smartphone makers have been …

Survey: Travelers Rely Most on Airline, Messaging, and E-Mail Apps During Trips

Nowadays, travel without a smartphone in hand is akin to traveling without a map, although the smartphone is capable of so much more. Indeed, we assumed (correctly, as it turned out) that map apps are among the top used smartphone apps by frequent travelers.
According to a recent Frequent Business Traveler survey, conducted in partnership with GlobeRunner Insights, the research division of FBT’s parent company Accura, the most used app category …

This Is What’s New in iOS 11

Apple released iOS 11 right on schedule on Tuesday and a trio of new iPhones including the vaunted iPhone X (the X, as you probably know by now, is pronounced “ten”) will follow by week’s end. We’ve tested the final version of iOS 11 for the past week and have this to report.
Keep in mind that, if you aren’t planning on purchasing one of the new iPhones anytime soon, you …

Apple Debuts 10th Anniversary iPhone

Apple Debuts 10th Anniversary iPhone

Apple introduced three new iPhones, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, as well as the iPhone X, at a media event in Cupertino Tuesday.
The iPhone X, pronounced iPhone 10, includes features such as a faster telephoto lens and an improved flash on the camera. The front-facing camera will provide portrait mode and other features of the outward-facing camera on previous models.
The phone does away with the home button, …

Lobby Bar – September 1: Theatergoers Anonymous, the Bears of London, and a Brief History of Slaps

Lobby Bar – The Only Fake News That’s Actually Real News
Showdude. Join John Buckley at Wyndham’s Theatre in London for “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill.” While Audra McDonald’s performance was incredible, it just got us even more excited for Brian Stokes Mitchell in “Gentleman Day at Otto’s Kneipe und Restaurant,” opening in Munich next week.
Ursidae umbrella. Hop on the fastest and most comfortable – albeit not cheapest –way …