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Survey: Travelers Rely Most on Airline, Messaging, and E-Mail Apps During Trips

Nowadays, travel without a smartphone in hand is akin to traveling without a map, although the smartphone is capable of so much more. Indeed, we assumed (correctly, as it turned out) that map apps are among the top used smartphone apps by frequent travelers.
According to a recent Frequent Business Traveler survey, conducted in partnership with GlobeRunner Insights, the research division of FBT’s parent company Accura, the most used app category …

This Is What’s New in iOS 11

Apple released iOS 11 right on schedule on Tuesday and a trio of new iPhones including the vaunted iPhone X (the X, as you probably know by now, is pronounced “ten”) will follow by week’s end. We’ve tested the final version of iOS 11 for the past week and have this to report.
Keep in mind that, if you aren’t planning on purchasing one of the new iPhones anytime soon, you …

Apple Debuts 10th Anniversary iPhone

Apple Debuts 10th Anniversary iPhone

Apple introduced three new iPhones, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, as well as the iPhone X, at a media event in Cupertino Tuesday.
The iPhone X, pronounced iPhone 10, includes features such as a faster telephoto lens and an improved flash on the camera. The front-facing camera will provide portrait mode and other features of the outward-facing camera on previous models.
The phone does away with the home button, …

Lobby Bar – September 1: Theatergoers Anonymous, the Bears of London, and a Brief History of Slaps

Lobby Bar – The Only Fake News That’s Actually Real News
Showdude. Join John Buckley at Wyndham’s Theatre in London for “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill.” While Audra McDonald’s performance was incredible, it just got us even more excited for Brian Stokes Mitchell in “Gentleman Day at Otto’s Kneipe und Restaurant,” opening in Munich next week.
Ursidae umbrella. Hop on the fastest and most comfortable – albeit not cheapest –way …

Survey: Which Apps Do You Use Most When Traveling?

Which apps do frequent travelers rely on both at home and when traveling?
It’s rare to find a frequent traveler without an Apple or Android smartphone in hand and even more uncommon to find one who doesn’t rely on certain apps to ease the burden of traveling and add to the experience.
Frequent Business Traveler and GlobeRunner Insights want to find out which apps frequent travelers rely on the most, not including …

You Heard It Here First: The Man Who Wrote Those Pesky Password Rules Now Says ‘S0r^Y’

A few months after the National Institute of Standards and Technology issued a draft of new password guidelines that argued against periodic password changing and imposing password complexity, Bill Burr, the man responsible for those complex rules, recanted.
“Much of what I did I now regret,” he told the Wall Street Journal when interviewed about his work.
As a manager at NIST in 2003, Burr wrote the eight-page document that became the …

Review and Report: Apple Watch Hermès and Apple Watch Series 2

As someone who stayed up until 3 a.m. the first day the original Apple Watch went on sale and who has faithfully worn it to the neglect of some very fine watches since April 2015, I have always been curious about the Apple Watch Hermès.
While the watch itself is the same, the Apple Watch Hermès comes with exquisite handmade leather bands and a special Hermès watch face that isn’t available on …