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Lobby Bar – June 17: Sky Camping, Renaming Airlines and Automobiles, and Broken Windows Offenses

Lobby Bar – An Extraterrestrial Excerpt of FBT News and Views
Yellow versus Magenta. Now that all wireless carriers seem to offer the best service at the best price with the fastest speeds and the most data, T-Mobile has upped its game by offering free pizzas on Tuesdays, albeit with some complications. To combat this offer, rumor has it that AT&T is partnering with IKEA to offer customers a free loveseat …

Lobby Bar – June 10: Pizza Timeshares, Champagne in Orbit, and Cold Hard Cash Cars

Lobby Bar – A Confounding Compendium of FBT News and Views
Remain the same. What on earth will happen if the United Kingdom decides to leave the European Union? The answer: chaos will ensue. Should the vote go in favor of the Brexit, the announced it would immediately adopt its own currency and begin driving on the opposite side of the road as the other countries.
Power of Internet. Let Google be …

Four Tips for Using Google Effectively for Travel

Google. People either love it (when they find what they are looking for) or hate it (when confronted with 564,968 results, none of which are correct) but it can be a traveler’s best friend.
Here are some tips on how to use Google effectively to quickly get information while planning a trip or traveling.
1.)       Exchange Rates
Simply type in the amount in the currency for which you have a price followed by …

Gram Games 1010 – Game Review

Every frequent traveler needs to unwind, and in between going through security and checking for e-mails during a flight, there’s bound to be some down time for a little gaming.  The best type of game for those constantly on the move is one that can be picked up, played for a few minutes, and saved for later.  1010, produced by Gram Games, is such a title.
1010 is a minimalistic and …

Mobile Phone Roaming Charges in the European Union Just Got Less Expensive

If you live in the European Union or are in the habit of buying local SIMs for your voice and data requirements when traveling, take note: the cost of making and receiving calls, sending and receiving texts, and using data just got cheaper.
Over the past few years, thanks to European Union regulators, the cost of mobile roaming has dropped significantly and roaming charges are slated to completely disappear in just over …

Apple Watch Gift Guide: The 6 Best Accessories for Your Smart Watch

There’s no denying that owning an Apple Watch can become addictive. The Watch marked its first anniversary Sunday and, despite the predictions of naysayers, Apple sold twice as many Watches as it did iPhones in each device’s debut year.
You can accessorize it with various stylish straps, minimalistic stands, and chargers that keep the clock (or watch) ticking. Indeed, there are literally thousands of possibilities, but we’ve sorted through them in …

How to Use Apple’s New Night Shift Feature

Apple just released iOS 9.3: the company’s biggest upgrade to its mobile operating system since iOS 9.0 was launched last year. With it came Night Shift, a feature that shifts the display to warmer colors in the evening, reducing the amount of blue light emitted from the device. Blue light has a negative impact on sleep by disrupting the body’s circadian rhythm.
Night Shift uses your iPhone or iPad’s clock and …