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Motorola Moto Z Force Droid Edition – Review

Instead of releasing what would be Motorola’s fourth generation Moto X, the innovative wireless device company settled on a slightly different moniker: Moto Z. While the second and third generation Moto X phones offered slight improvements and spec enhancements over their predecessors, the Moto Z family embodies a greater departure not just from the X series but from smartphones in general. Attachments and accessories have been around since the onset …

The Smart Travelers Guide to Using Your Smartphone Abroad

Using your mobile phone or smartphone abroad requires
a.) A local SIM
b.) Wi-Fi Connectivity
c.) Outrageous data roaming fees
d.) None of the above
If you chose “d, none of the above” you probably don’t need to read the rest of this article. Otherwise, please continue.
While many travelers fantasize about disconnecting from the digital world while relaxing on a trip, the reality is that most have come to rely on the devices for everything …

Lobby Bar – November 25: Pokémon Panic, Rooftop Flamethrowers, and Fast Food Airlines

Lobby Bar – A Serious Series of FBT News and Views
Fire away. If there’s one relevant quote from Game of Thrones right now, it’s “winter is coming.” Make sure you’re prepared with these five helpful winter driving tips, including swapping out the leaf blower strapped to the roof of your car for a commercial flamethrower. For extra heat generating capacity, the use of Li-ion batteries is highly recommended.
Marry me? Jonathan …

Information Overload Chronicles: Hit ‘Reply to All,’ Shut Down U.K. National Health Service

Many of our readers know that, in my former life, I was chief analyst at a think tank that focused on the issue of Information Overload. While it’s no longer my job to be the poster child for combating this scourge, it is a topic that I follow avidly and continue to speak about, both to the media and at conferences. It therefore behooves me to inform our readers of …

Dear Traveler, Today is Information Overload Awareness Day: Here’s What You Can Do

Before my life at Frequent Business Traveler, I spent over a decade helping companies and knowledge workers address the problem of Information Overload. Somehow, in 2010, I managed to create a holiday to call attention to the issue, which costs the U.S. economy close to a billion dollars a year.
Information Overload causes people to lose their ability to manage thoughts and ideas, contemplate, and even reason and think. It has …

5 Very Useful Tips and Tricks for the Apple iPhone 7 and iOS 10

First, a word of caution. Don’t expect an actual review of the new iPhone 7 in FBT. It’s a great phone, it doesn’t have a headphone jack, it has awesome stereo speakers, a significantly improved camera, and it takes like a duck to water, capable of lasting up to 30 minutes under one meter of water without a problem.
Instead of a review, for those of you who are getting the …

Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. WatchOS 3 Makes the Original Apple Watch 3x as Fast

As someone who has had an Apple Watch from the very beginning, I’ve grown accustomed to having it on my wrist, eschewing the “better” timepieces sitting in watch winders on my dresser. It was never just a curiosity for me. From the outset, I found it practical and useful … as well as clunky.
The user interface? Not only did the UI not make sense in many cases, but it didn’t …