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2017 Frequent Business Traveler Holiday Gift Guide: Diamond Edition

It’s time to throw another log on the fire, sit back, and find the perfect gift for the diamond guest in your life. Finding it may present a challenge, but help is here in the form of the 2017 Frequent Business Traveler Holiday Gift Guide Diamond Edition.
From fine wine to imported chocolate to tools for a digital detox, we have all the bases covered. Here are our editors’ and staffers’ …

Five Holiday Travel Tips from Frequent Business Traveler Editorial Director Jonathan Spira and AmTrav President Craig Fichtelberg

When it comes to holiday travel, it pays to consult the experts.
Craig Fichtelberg is president of AmTrav, a travel and technology company that helps companies manage business travel. It built its own booking tool and its technology also powers
Our own expert, FBT Editorial Director Jonathan Spira, sat down with Craig to discuss holiday travel best practices and here’s what the two came back with.
1.) Use videoconferencing tools such as …

Why Travelers Need a Flu Shot Every Year

While the risk for exposure to influenza varies by region and time of year, everyone – but especially travelers – should be inoculated against the flu.
Even mild flu brings multiple symptoms including fever, cough, fatigue, headache, muscle aches and pains, a runny nose, and sore throat.
Since the influenza virus changes year by year means that the previous year’s vaccination is likely to no longer provide protection. Indeed, while the vaccine’s …

Lobby Bar – December 8: Selling Time Travel Equipment, Sarah Palin Gives Russia Tours, and How Airlines Handle Divorce

Lobby Bar – Somewhere Over the Rainbow But Not in Kansas
It’s on us. It may seem like we go to the theater several hundred times per week, but we’ve narrowed down our list to the top six shows you should see on Broadway this holiday season. Of course, no list would be complete without our very own musical, “Midnight Keyboard,” starring the FBT editorial staff and which details the very …

Six Must See Shows for the Holidays

Despite warm, almost summer-like weather into early November in the Northeast, the holiday season and colder clime are finally upon us and millions of people will be visiting New York City to see a show or two in the coming weeks.
While the sheer number of musicals and plays can be daunting, there are some our theater critics, Jonathan Spira and Blaise Buckley, believe you shouldn’t miss.
Here are their top six …

Lobby Bar – December 1: Editors Learn to Fly, Molecular Broccoli, and Introducing Daddy Starbucks

Lobby Bar – Real News in an Alternate Reality
Save the time! Paul Riegler explains why airlines can’t get the boarding process quite right. It turns out that it’s because the boarding doors are too small to fit the passengers through, so from now on, gate agents will open the aircraft’s roof and passengers will be able to jump directly into their seats from the loading crane.  Plans for spring-loaded ejection …

Great Moments in Travel History – December 2017

The Wright Brothers made the first powered controlled flight, in a heavier-than-air craft, on December 17, 1903, in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
The Palace Hotel, which survived the 1906 San Francisco earthquake only to be consumed by the fires in the quake’s aftermath, reopened its doors on December 19, 1909.
The Boeing Airplane Co. B-1 mail plane, the first Boeing-designed commercial aircraft, made its first flight on December 27, 1919.
The Drake Hotel …