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Review: Metropolitan Opera Virtual ‘At-Home Gala,’ Live from the Stars Living Rooms

In opera, glitches are typically along the lines of what happened in Richard Wagner’s “Lohengrin” in the early 1900s, when the boat drawn by a swan moved offstage without him, and he said, audible to the audience, “Wann fährt der nächste Schwan?” or “What time does the next swan leave?”
Back then, opera was performed in grand opera houses.  Today, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, great opera is performed from the homes …

Cleaner Air and Water Make Earth Day 2020 Bittersweet Amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day was celebrated across the globe in a rather muted fashion, as many were confined to the great indoors amidst the coronavirus outbreak.
If your blood pressure is lower, your allergies less bothersome, and stars in the night sky more visible, it isn’t your imagination. Rather, it’s Mother Nature at work, taking advantage of the dramatic change in lifestyles that has taken place over the past …

Photo Essay: A Surreal Look at New York City in the Age of the Coronavirus

Over the past few weeks, FBT Editorial Director Jonathan Spira has been photographically documenting New York City.
Most streets are deserted and cultural landmarks have gone dark. Indeed, since mid-March, there has been a 90% decline in subway ridership, a 20% drop in the crime rate, a 60% decrease in traffic at the city’s busiest tunnels and bridges, and a 30% drop in air pollution, according to reports from the National …

How to Make the Perfect Morning Coffee at Home During the Lockdown

If your workday typically starts with a barista-prepared coffee – a flat white, cappuccino or, if you’re Viennese like our editorial director,a Mélange or Kapuziner – you probably haven’t seen your barista or favorite “Herr Ober” in your favorite Kaffeehaus recently.
While it was a ritual many took part in, I’ve never strayed away from making an excellent cup of coffee at home.  Experts say it’s the beans, the grinder (buff), …

It’s a Pandemic, But Can I Travel?

It’s a Pandemic, But Can I Travel?

Frequent Business Traveler readers were always on the go, until of course they weren’t, a trait now shared with the rest of the world.
While most of the population might think such a question as the one posed in the headline is frivolous, given the place that travel has in so many of our readers’ minds, we take it seriously although we do rather emphatically suggest remaining home.
There are several reasons …

In Vienna, Horse-Drawn Carriages Deliver Food to Locked Down Residents

Even though tourists are missing from the city center, the Fiaker – the city’s horse-drawn carriages that still connote fin-de-siècle Vienna – are out and about, delivering food prepared by the InterContinental Vienna’s kitchens to the city’s elderly.
The Fiaker have long been a fixture of the cityscape, drivers with bowler hats and formal dress offering tourists a unique glimpse of the city and the opportunity to – for the duration …

Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, and Norway Plan to Ease Coronavirus Restrictions ‘Little by Little’

Four European countries – Austria, Czech, Denmark, and Norway – are planning to take baby steps in loosening some restrictions that were put into place to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus.
While the number of new infections seems to be achieving a plateau, the changes don’t mean a return to normalcy, to borrow the term coined by President Warren G. Harding. Rather, it signifies the beginnings of a plan …