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Dear Agony Aunt: Your Advice and Etiquette Questions Answered

Many American and British magazines and newspapers run advice and etiquette columns ranging from Miss Manners to Dear Abby to Savage Love. The columns are not there, as you might have hoped, to offer solutions for everyday living.  More frequently, the questions range from “How can I get my annoying seatmate on this flight to shut up and let me watch my movie?” to “Where should I seat my ex-husband’s illegitimate …

World Leaders Express Shock at Storming of Capitol by Supporters of President Trump

Seeing echoes of their own fascist past in some cases, world leaders reacted in horror to televised scenes of supporters of President Trump storming the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to stop a joint session of Congress from certifying the election of Joseph Biden as president.
From Europe to Asia to Latin America, politicians and citizens alike watched the events of January 6 unfold in horror.
The action temporarily halted the certification …

Here Are the New Laws That Go Into Effect in 2021 That Could Impact Travelers

A slew of new laws went into effect in various states on January 1.  Here’s a summary of what might affect travelers as well as local residents in various parts of the United States.
Ninety years after Prohibition ended in almost all parts of the United States, the state of Mississippi eliminated all remaining laws making the possession of alcohol illegal.
If you want to buy cigarettes, other tobacco products, vaping devices, …

Review: New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic’s 2021 in the Musikverein, Vienna

Watching the annual Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s Day concert is an event steeped in tradition.  It’s the only televised event I can recall from growing up for which attendance was mandatory, regardless of the turn of events over the previous year.
Indeed, my father had never attended but he and I entered the lottery (which then gives the winners the right to purchase the, rather expensive but once-in-a-lifetime, tickets), and I …

Great Moments in Travel History – January 2021

January, the first month of the year in most of the world’s calendars, is the coldest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.  The origin of its name is disputed: some scholars believe that January is named after Janus, the god of beginnings and time, while others believe that January is named after janua, the Latin word for door, given that January is the start of the year and …

The Riskiest and Safest Places to Be in the United States On New Year’s Day

Across the globe, record numbers of new coronavirus cases are being reported, in some cases in waves far worse than what we saw in the spring.  Indeed the numbers are enough to make one want to go into hiding, preferably somewhere without any instances of the virus.
The options for this are few, and generally are Pacific Ocean islands where the inhabitants are experiencing the benefits of having a border consisting …

‘Dinner for One’: How an Obscure Short Film Became a New Year’s Eve Cult Classic

‘Dinner for One’: How an Obscure Short Film Became a New Year’s Eve Cult Classic

Each year, Frequent Business Traveler celebrates the New Year with the same procedure as every year: a look at an 18-minute German television sketch entitled “Dinner for One” presented entirely in English.
This FBT tradition falls to the newest staffer as a rite of passage, welcoming them to the team. Having joined the magazine’s staff two weeks before this article was scheduled to run, I was called to duty.
Filmed in 1963 …