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New Laws That Come Into Effect in the U.S. in 2020

While the year 2020 will bring with it multiple resolutions as well as somewhat premature attempts to name the decade the Roaring Twenties, it is also bringing with it numerous new laws, some which will be of interest to and will possibly impact travelers.
Here’s a survey of what’s changing in 2020.
Nationwide, anyone under 21 will not be permitted to purchase tobacco products including electronic cigarettes and vaping products that contain …

Tomorrow is New Year’s Day: Here’s What’s Open and What’s Closed

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is New Year’s Day around the world, the first day of the new year on both the Gregorian as well as the Julian calendars.
In ancient Rome, the day was dedicated to Janus, the god of beginnings and time, for whom the month of January is named.
New Year’s Day is the most celebrated public holiday in the world.  It is frequently observed with fireworks at the stroke of midnight.  …

Here Are 2019’s Top Plays and Musicals On and Off Broadway

This was an especially difficult year to select the best plays and musicals of the year, simply because there were so many good ones.
Here are our theater co-critics’ picks for the six best musicals and plays on the Great White Way, in alphabetical order, with excerpts from their reviews.

Winter Garden Theater
There’s a second phantom on Broadway now.  The new musical, based on the 1988 Tim Burton film, haunts and delights …

The Decade’s Biggest Travel News Stories

Frequent Business Traveler and The Travelist reporters produced over 20,000 news stories and features in the 2010s, fulfilling our mission to be the most trusted source in travel journalism.
Whether you agree that the decade will end in a matter of days or has one more year to go, here are ten stories that nonetheless had a significant impact on travel during the past ten years.

No …

The Strange Tradition of ‘Dinner for One’ and New Year’s Eve

Ten years ago, we wrote a feature story about an obscure 18-minute televised skit called “Dinner for One.”  Recorded in 1963 in English by the Norddeutscher Rundfunk and featuring British comedians Freddie Frinton and May Warden, it was relegated to the dustbin of obscurity until it was broadcast on December 31, 1972 as filler.  It has been a New Year’s Eve tradition in Germany and Austria ever since.
More than half …

Tomorrow is Christmas Day: Here’s What’s Open and What’s Closed

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is Christmas Day in the United States, a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world. Tuesday is Christmas Eve, observed in some countries as a full or partial holiday as well.
Christmas is celebrated religiously by Christians, culturally by others, and it forms an integral part of the holiday season that is largely centered on it.
The celebrations and customs associated with Christmas in various countries have a …

Today is Humbug Day: Here’s How to Celebrate

“Bah! Humbug!”
Today, December 21, is Humbug Day, a day dedicated to remembering the Ebenezers, the Scrooges, and the curmudgeons who exemplify the lesson Charles Dickens wrote about in his holiday classic, “A Christmas Carol.”
A humbug is, by definition, a person or object who behaves in a deceptive or dishonest manner. The term was first captured by lexicographers in 1751 as student slang and, in 1840, recorded as a “nautical phrase.”
It was …