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British Airways Club Europe Business Class London-Munich – Flight Review

Until I started flying more often on oneworld airlines, I didn’t fully appreciate what British Airways had to offer in its Club Europe business-class offering – plus. I was wary about Heathrow’s Terminal 5, a facility that, as FBT Editorial Director Jonathan Spira doesn’t hesitate to point out, became functionally obsolete not long after its opening.
Adding to the excitement of my trip was an e-mail the night before departure from …

Airline Industry Prepares Travelers for Real ID

The U.S. airline industry is getting travelers ready for changes that are coming to identification requirements at the nation’s security checkpoints.  Starting October 1,travelers will need Real ID-compliant identification cards to board domestic flights.
Real ID establishes minimum standards and security enhancements for state-issued driver’s licenses.
The move comes even though many almost 100 million Americans do not have one. The deadline is unlikely to be postponed, even though the implementation of the …

With New DOT Rules, Some Dogs May No Longer Fly for Free

The U.S. Department of Transportation said Thursday it is clamping down on travelers’ emotional-support pigs and turkeys with new regulations that clearly define a service animal.
The change may bring an end to a trend that started around five years ago where travelers feigned mental-health disorders in order to bring their pets into the cabin with them for free.
Some even obtained certificates designating their pets as emotional-support animals and purchased “support …

Boeing’s Annus Horribilis: Orders Plunge to 16-Year Low as 737 Max Remains Grounded

Boeing and Queen Elizabeth II have something in common: both have now experienced an annus horribilis, the Latin phrase for “horrible year.”
The Chicago-based company announced fourth quarter and full year deliveries for 2019, reporting that new orders and deliveries for its planes had hit their lowest point in over a decade.
Much of the decline can be attributed to the global grounding of the 737 Max.
The aircraft manufacturer said it delivered …

It’s 2020: Do You Know Where Your Real ID-Compliant Driver’s License Is?

The calendar says 2020 and that means it is almost time for Real ID.  While most if not all Frequent Business Traveler readers have a passport and, in many cases, a Global Entry card that can be used at an airport security checkpoint in the United States, almost 100 million Americans do not have any form of identification that meets the more stringent requirements.
Travelers will need Real ID-compliant identification cards …

Delta’s Plans for Free Wi-Fi and Digitizing the Travel Experience

Delta Air Lines’ CEO unveiled several new technologies the airline plans to introduce in the next few years, bringing “magic” back to air travel.
Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show Tuesday, Delta CEO Ed Bastian became the first airline CEO to deliver a keynote at the trade show.  He laid out the airline’s plans to digitize and automate the travel experience using a variety of high-tech tools including artificial intelligence and …

These Major Airlines Ceased Operations in 2019

2019 was a bad year for airlines. Multiple airline shutdowns made the headlines as hundreds of thousands of passengers were left stranded.  The marquee names included Wow Air, Jet Airways, and Thomas Cook, the latter a 138-year-old concern, as well as 20 minor players.
While the issues that caused these airlines to cease operations varied greatly, they can largely be put under the rubric of poor management, lower demand, and changing tastes.
As …