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Why Empty Middle Seats Probably Won’t Be the New Normal

Full flights with few empty seats are making headlines but they probably aren’t the norm today. Yet.
Meanwhile, over half of all passenger aircraft in the United States are grounded amidst the coronavirus pandemic and, as more passengers are starting to return to the skies, the days of empty airliners may soon be over.
The number of people who traversed the nation’s security checkpoints on Friday reached the highest number in six weeks, …

Airlines Want the TSA to Check for Fevers, But This May Just Serve as Window Dressing

Will temperature checks for passengers be part of the so-called “new normal” when people begin to travel once again?
An industry group representing major U.S. airlines including the four largest U.S. carriers, American, United, Delta, and Southwest, thinks so.
Airlines for America said Saturday that its members support having the Transportation Security Administration take the temperatures of travelers and customer-facing airline employees for the duration of the novel coronavirus pandemic.
Health officials believe …

Are Face Masks for Passengers the Future of Air Travel?

Planning to wear a face mask on your next flight? You won’t be alone.  Across the globe, as the novel coronavirus continues to wreak havoc, airline personnel and travelers are donning masks, both voluntarily and due to government regulation.
Although air travel today is a pale imitation of what it was in February, experts and industry leaders expect people to return to the skies once the coronavirus pandemic is under control. …

To Survive, Airlines Start to Take Employee Temperatures, But Passengers and Workers Say More Is Needed

When the world starts returning to whatever its new normal will be, the number of customers returning to restaurants, bars, and airports will certainly lag behind those going to their hair stylists, dentists, and garden shops.
Travel has essentially ground to a halt.  If photos on social media of empty planes wasn’t enough to convince you, the Transportation Security Administration, which operates security checkpoints at most airports in the United States, …

U.S. Airlines Prepare for a Turbulent Future

At first glance, it sounds like good news. Congress passed a $2 trillion stimulus bill and promised the airline industry $50 billion in aid.
The $2 trillion economic stimulus act passed by Congress this week will unquestionably prevent a wave of layoffs but it won’t stave off permanent changes in how the industry will operate going forward. The aid will arrive in the form of up to $25 billion in payroll …

Coronavirus Rejiggers the List of the World’s Longest Flights

The arms race by airlines to operate the world’s longest flight came to a sudden halt after the coronavirus caused a significant retrenching in the number of flights operated worldwide.
More recently, however, with the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, it seems that airlines are tripping over each other to see who could announce the most suspensions, as countries sealed their borders left and right.
The ban on foreigners entering the United …

What the U.S. Travel Ban Means for Travelers

Companies in the travel industry rushed to respond to the new U.S. travel ban early Thursday after President Trump restricted travelers from 26 European countries for the next 30 days.
The ban goes into effect Friday at 11:59 p.m. EST.  Unlike what the administration first said, the ban applies only to people, not cargo.  The United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland are both exempt from the ban.
The new restrictions will prevent …