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AirTravel2017: Alaska Airlines and Southwest Rank Highest, Wi-Fi Travelers’ Greatest Concern

Despite a tumultuous year for airlines and airline passengers alike, customer satisfaction remains high.
According to the Frequent Business Traveler GlobeRunner Insights AirTravel2017 U.S. Airlines customer satisfaction survey, conducted in partnership with, the world’s largest online travel community, and LoungeBuddy, an airport lounge resource app, Alaska Airlines was the top rated and considered the friendliest, and Wi-Fi is the overriding factor when planning a flight.
Frequent flyers rated Alaska Airlines the …

A Lack of Civility: The State of Air Travel Today

If you go solely by what you read in Facebook and Twitter feeds, air travel has gone to hell. From a bloodied doctor being dragged off a United Airlines flight in Chicago to an in-flight brawl on an ANA flight to fights over the placement of a birthday cake on JetBlue, one could come away with the conclusion that air travel today is miserable at best.
These, along very public images …

Delta One Business Class Los Angeles-New York JFK – Flight Review

Sometimes, airlines do hold flights for connecting passengers. To find out how I know, keep reading.
My travel companion and I were on our way back from Kona and planning to connect to Delta’s first LAX-JFK non-stop. The flight to New York was scheduled to start boarding at 5:25 a.m. with a 6:05 departure. This means the gate agent would close the door at around 5:55. Meanwhile, our flight from Kona …

Five (Secret) Tips to Getting a First Class Upgrade On Your Next Flight

The Internet is littered with tips that will never score anyone an upgrade on a flight, ranging from “Dress for First Class” to “Sweet talk the check-in agent” to our favorite, “Be Late… or Be Early.”
While there’s no harm in any of these ideas, these tactics simply don’t work. And whatever you do, don’t self upgrade: someone who tried that last week on a British Airways flight from London to …

Poll: Have Recent Events Involving Airline Passengers Affected Your Choice of Airline?

As a result of incidents involving passengers, several major U.S. airlines have recently been in headlines that struck a chord both with fellow passengers on a particular flight as well as with millions of people who ordinarily could not care less about the airline industry.
Indeed, airlines have been in the crosshairs of both the public and regulators. From Delta’s IT meltdown to United’s dalliances with dress code enforcement and the …

Quiz: Name This Airline Slogan or Jingle

Many of our readers think they know just about everything about the world’s airlines, both past and present. They have fond remembrances of Pan Am commercials and today mock their current airline’s slogan on FlyerTalk.
Nevertheless, in the history of the aviation industry, many airlines have created slogans that were both memorable and successful in terms of bringing greater recognition to the airline.
Our Airline Slogan and Jingle Quiz will put your …

Behind United’s ‘Immature Reaction’: Why the Skies Are Not So Friendly Anymore

A video of a man being forcibly removed from a United Airlines regional flight Sunday evening is evidence that the skies today are not as friendly as they once were. Indeed, the Chicago-based airline – after a 20-year hiatus – brought back its “Friendly Skies” slogan in late 2015, fusing it to Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue.
When planes are full, however, some passengers simply won’t get on.
In case you are …