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Shades of Ada Quonsett: Stowaway Flies on BA from Chicago to London

While Ada Quonsett merely tried to fly from Chicago to Rome on the fictitious Trans Global Airlines in the movie “Airport,” her real-life counterpart, Marilyn Hartman, made it from Chicago to London last week.
Like Mrs. Quonsett, Ms. Hartman was a habitual stowaway and trespasser who has flown from San Jose to Los Angeles and from the Twin Cities to Jacksonville. She was apparently a regular at Chicago O’Hare International Airport …

Review: Is the Mobile Passport App Better than Global Entry?

Mobile Passport, available on both Apple iOS and Android platforms, is a relatively new app, introduced just a little over a year ago.
The app works by supplying arriving international travelers with a QR code after having them fill out an app-based copy of an electronic customs declaration form.
In some respects, it sounds strikingly similar to Global Entry, but it may be faster to clear passport control than Global Entry given …

Flight Review: American Airlines New York-London New Flagship Business – International

Not another review of a flight to London, I hear you cry. Well, dear readers, this one is different. This time we are on a newly configured American Airlines 777-200ER sporting the carrier’s new business-class seats.
The 777-200ER originally was a three-class plane, with Flagship First, business, and coach. A few years ago, the airline decided to offer more business-class seats on these planes and offer Flagship First only on the …

Review: Air Canada Signature Suite at Toronto Pearson International Airport

No matter where you are in an airport, you feel as if you are in an airport. That is unless you are in the new Air Canada Signature Suite lounge at Toronto Pearson International Airport.
Here in the lounge, the outside world virtually disappears. It’s more like a private supper club, as only paid business-class passengers traveling on Air Canada flights are invited. Indeed, you feel as if you needed to …

Why Aircraft Deicing Makes Winter Flying Safer

Those who travel by air during the winter have undoubtedly seen this unusual dance before: trucks circling the aircraft spraying a strange orange-colored fluid, while passengers peer through the plane’s windows.
As your aircraft pushes back from the gate, you probably hear the captain announce, “Well folks, we’re just making a quick stop for deicing, and then we’ll be off.”
Deicing prevents a build-up of snow and ice on the plane’s wings …

Six Airlines at LaGuardia Airport to Relocate on Saturday

Six airlines at LaGuardia Airport in New York City, namely American, Delta, JetBlue, Alaska, Frontier, and Spirit, will move some or all of their operations on Saturday to other terminals at the airport.
Delta Air Lines, which currently operates from three terminals, the Marine Air Terminal as well as Terminals C and D, will consolidate operations to Terminals C and D.  This means that the historic Marine Air Terminal, which is …

The Frequent Flyer’s Guide to Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan MVP Gold 75K Status

Although I’ve long been a loyal Delta elite, given the recent expansion of Alaska’s route network following its acquisition of Virgin America in December 2016, I felt the time was right to see what the buzz was about at the Seattle-based carrier. Given my elite status at Delta and American however, I didn’t want to start out at the bottom of the barrel at Alaska.
There are multiple ways to earn …