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Nine Things You Need to Know About Coronavirus Testing and New U.S. Entry Requirements

The United States is introducing new requirements for entry into the country for international travelers that go into effect on Tuesday in accordance with President Joseph Biden’s executive order.
In concert with that, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a new set of regulations that travelers must abide by before arriving into the United States.
Here are nine key points that individuals need to be aware of before traveling or …

The Lockerbie Bombing Took Place 32 Years Ago Today: Here is One Pan Am Employee’s Story

A Pan Am Boeing 747 en route from London to New York broke up in flight over Lockerbie, Scotland, some 32 years ago today as the result of a terrorist bombing.
Here is what happened and what a Pan Am flight servicesupervisor remembers of that fateful day.
Pan Am Flight 103 was a regularly scheduled transatlantic flight that operated from Frankfurt to Detroit via London and New York.  On December 21, 1988, …

Test ‘n’ Fly: We Review Coronavirus Testing At LaGuardia Airport

Even though I have largely sequestered myself during the past nine months, consorting with almost no one outside the concierge at my residence who accepts my deliveries, I test regularly for the coronavirus because one just never knows.
While I haven’t flown since my final British Airways Boeing 747 flight in early March, I made a few overnight trips by car and also go hiking and biking regularly. 
Meanwhile, airports across the …

Auf Wiedersehen Tegel, The Airport That Wouldn’t Die Quietly

Tegel. Just saying the name conjures up an overcrowded and congested airport experience that is Germany’s fourth busiest.  That is, until now.
Amidst the opening of Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brand on October 31, Berlin Tegel Otto Lilienthal will say “Auf Wiedersehen” to its last flight on November 8.
Regular flights ended November 7, but Air France will operate the final flight from the historic airport on November 8, 60 years after …

Berlin’s ‘Ghost’ Airport Finally Opens, Billions Over Budget and 9 Years Late

Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt will – hold your breath – open its doors to passengers on October 31, 2020.    No, this isn’t our April 1 edition: This time, BER will really open, or so it would appear.
The aerodrome has been under construction for over 14 years, it is nine years past its original opening date, and it is more than $4 billion over budget. Every month, it costs several …

The Return of the World’s Longest Flight

In the days, months, and years before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, airlines vied to be the operator of “the world’s longest flight.” The coronavirus put a stop to that as airlines drastically cut back on flying.
Indeed, restrictions on travel led to some oddities, such as a period of time when Air Tahiti Nui, a French carrier based in Tahiti with a fleet of four Boeing 787 Dreamliners, operated …

Review: Final British Airways 747 Flight – London to New York on the Upper Deck

Heading to Heathrow Airport on a rainy evening in March, I had little idea that the flight I would board would not only be my last for many months, but that it would also be my last flight on a British Airways 747.  Perhaps more significantly, it would also be one of the final 747 passenger flights operated by the airline.
While I grew up flying on countless Pan Am 747s …