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The Clock is Ticking for Lawmakers to Save Airline Jobs and the U.S. Airline Industry

While Congress moved with great speed and alacrity to approve emergency funding for the airline industry in March, just as the industry was beginning to feel the effects of the massive coronavirus pandemic-induced drop in travel, it is moving in a dilatory fashion to assist the industry now that unprecedented damage has been done.
Six months later, government intervention may be the only way to preserve hundreds of thousands of jobs …

United Airlines CEO: Travel Unlikely to Recover Until Broad Distribution of a Vaccine

No other industry is feeling the impact of the coronavirus pandemic as much as travel and hospitality and airlines are on the front lines when it comes to losses in revenue, furloughs and layoffs, and general panic.
Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines, can tell you just how bad it is.
The pandemic has ravaged the airline industry, bringing business travel to a halt, preventing people from traveling internationally, and curbing leisure …

Iconic 747 on Final Approach as Boeing Winds Down Production

Boeing’s announcement that it would wind down production of the fabled 747 jumbo jet hardly came as a shock, yet the news nonetheless gave many frequent travelers and aviation enthusiasts pause.
While we think nothing of the 747’s size today, it was revolutionary when introduced. The first model, the 747-100, was the world’s first wide-body airliner. Until then, airplanes only had a single aisle with seats on either side. The 747-100 …

Photo Essay: Inside LaGuardia Airport’s Posh New Central Terminal

LaGuardia Airport, until recently New York’s much maligned aerodrome that was famously maligned by former Vice President Joe Biden as being “third world,” as he targeted the airport’s aging infrastructure, is no more.  All hail the new LaGuardia Airport, or at least its central arrivals and departures terminal, designated as Terminal B.
Built as part of an $8 billion overhaul, the soaring, light- and art-filled building, which may be the most …

From ‘Third World’ to Soaring: LaGuardia’s New Central Terminal Opens Its Doors With Little Fanfare

“It is hard to build a new airport while you are operating an old airport,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at a ceremony at LaGuardia Airport 18 months ago when the new Eastern Concourse was opened.
Hard it was. But not impossible.
On Saturday, the strikingly modern Arrivals and Departures Hall at the new LaGuardia Airport opened its doors to passengers and onlookers alike, as well as to a few members …

U.S. Airlines Struggle as Airports Become Parking Lots

In early May, Warren Buffett divested all of his investment firm’s holdings in the four major U.S. airlines, warning that the “world has changed” for the aviation industry due to the coronavirus crisis.  In mid May, Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun said he saw a bumpy road ahead for the airline industry and predicted that a major carrier would not survive 2020 as a result.
It appears Buffett and Calhoun were on …

And the World’s Busiest Airport is… – But Only If Today is Saturday

And the World’s Busiest Airport is… –  But Only If Today is Saturday

There are several ways to determine the world’s busiest airport.
One method is by passenger traffic, the total number of passengers emplaned and deplaned, but there hasn’t been a lot of that recently so let’s put that to the side. Another is the total of loaded and unloaded freight and mail.  The third is the number of traffic movements, meaning takeoffs and landings, at an airport.
Indeed, the Airports International Council, an industry …