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JetBlue Looks Back in Aviation History to the ‘Alright Bros.’ in New Ad Campaign

JetBlue Airways wants to make sure that everyone is familiar with some lesser-known aspects of modern aviation history beyond the story of the brothers Wilbur and Orville, who are credited with the invention of the airplane. 
As part of a new marketing campaign that informs travelers that “just alright doesn’t fly here,” the airline introduces the fictional Alright brothers who, in contrast to the Wright brothers, are credited with having …

Official Guide to British Airways Avios: The 4 Best Ways to Use Avios Points

It’s no secret that our staff loves the British Airways Executive Club’s Avios currency.
Avios is the frequent flyer currency of British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, Vueling, and Flybe. Until November 2011, they were known as Air Miles.
It’s easy to accumulate Avios even if one doesn’t regularly fly on British Airways or Iberia, yet many people don’t get the best possible use out of their points balances.  The program offers exceptional …

Flygskam – Why Swedes Are Opting for Train Over Plane

A growing number of Swedes is giving up flying because of the carbon emissions caused by flying and there’s even a word in Swedish –  flygskam, or flight shame – which describes the feeling of being embarrassed for flying because of its environmental impact.
Along with #jagstannarpåmarken, or #stayontheground, the two have become popular social media buzzwords.
The change in travel habits comes amidst growing public concern about climate change.
A survey published …

Boeing, Facing Plunging Deliveries, May Lose Title of Biggest Plane Maker to Airbus

Boeing’s announcement Tuesday that Q2 deliveries had slid 54% year over year may mean that rival Airbus is poised to take the title of world’s largest aircraft manufacturer for the first time since 2012.
The Chicago-based company said it had shipped 239 aircraft in the first six months of the year compared with 378 in the same period last year. It reported that over 150 of the beleaguered 737 Max jets …

American Airlines MD-80 Retrospective: The ‘Workhorse’ of the Fleet to Make Final Flight in Early September

America Airlines, at one time the world’s largest operator of the McDonnell Douglas MD-80, will accelerate the aircraft’s retirement.
The airline had previously announced plans to fully retire its McDonnell Douglas MD-80 fleet by the end of 2019
“On September 4, we will retire our last 26 McDonnell Douglas MD-80 aircraft,” the airline said in a memo to employees. “The aircraft was the workhouse of our fleet throughout the 1980s and beyond.”
The …

Review: Amtrak Northeast Corridor Quiet Car Washington, D.C. – New York City

The best things in life are occasionally free and one thing that regular train travelers in the United States know about is the free upgrade to Amtrak’s Quiet Car.
Available on all trains in the Northeast Corridor including the Amtrak Acela and the Northeast Regional, the Quiet Car is available to all passengers on a first-come first- served basis. There are no reserved seats in the Quiet Car and, aside from …

American Airlines Shuttle New York-LaGuardia – Boston – Flight Review

With the acquisition of US Airways, American Airlines became the operator of one of the hourly air shuttle services operating in the northeast United States.
The original premise of the shuttle was simple. It would link Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C., no reservations were needed, passengers could buy their tickets on board, there were no reserved seats, and passengers merely had to show up at the terminal. Eastern kept an …