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Despite Crash, Boeing 737 Has a Solid Safety Record

The explosion of an engine in midair that shattered a window that then partially sucked a woman outside of a Southwest Boeing 737 aircraft on Tuesday involved an airplane with an estimable safety record.
It was the first passenger fatality resulting from an accident on a U.S. airline in nine years and the first in Southwest’s history.
Somewhat surprisingly, it happened to an aircraft that is the mainstay of short-haul flights for …

Despite Dropouts, Competition for Cuba Flights Remains Strong

While the tightening of travel restrictions to Cuba for American citizens has dampened enthusiasm, adventurous travelers can still visit the island nation and may continue to travel independently.
While several airlines have given up on service to Cuba, carriers are still in some cases adding additional flights, albeit more strategically than a year ago when the floodgates opened up.
As part of the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two nations, the …

Air France Ad Campaign Pokes Fun at Amenities Other Airlines Lack

If you’re on a plane flying to Europe in coach and you aren’t getting complimentary in-flight entertainment, a warm meal, and a glass of Champagne, chances are you aren’t in Air France’s economy-class cabin, where all of that and more is standard fare.
In an age of $99 flights to Europe and cost cutting on the part of major airlines, Air France is doing its best to remind you what you …

Editorial: Gold-Plated Travel Should Not Be Standard Government Issue

One government official’s penchant for flying first-class has caught the attention of the media, government watchdogs, and other politicians. Scott Pruitt, the Environmental Protection Agency’s administrator, along with his aides have put forth the dubious argument that he must fly up front because he is not safe in economy. Apparently, people haven’t been very nice to him in the rear of the plane.
“Unfortunately, we’ve had some incidents” he said in …

Flight Review: Air Canada Business Class New York-LaGuardia – Toronto

For a quick trip to Toronto to experience Canadian culture, I wanted to go Canadian all the way and booked my first-ever flight on Air Canada, which operates multiple daily flights connecting the Big Apple with Canada’s largest city.
Given a surprising lack of traffic en route to LaGuardia, I had time to stop at Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounge. The lounge offers great views albeit with a limited selection of …

Peacocks on a Plane

It took a peacock to bring everyone to his senses.
Oddly enough, it wasn’t the pig, the duck, the snake, the spider, the chicken, the rooster, or the turkey that brought the pot to a boil.
It was the peacock.
As most people know by now, an over-entitled woman tried – albeit without success – to bring a peacock onto a United Airlines flight out of Newark in January, claiming that the peafowl …

Heathrow Express: London Heathrow to Paddington Station – Review

Over the years, I’ve typically found the Heathrow Express to be the fastest and most comfortable way of getting to Central London.
After arriving on an American Airlines flight from New York at what I assumed was the quiet hour of 10 a.m., I stopped at AA’s arrival lounge for breakfast as I had decided to sleep on the plane, and then headed over to Heathrow Central, the train terminal located …