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Delta Air Lines New York LaGuardia-Montreal, Canada Flight 6137 – Review

I might have just picked the best day of the year to travel, namely the Tuesday after President’s Day.  It was snowing in New York as I arrived at LaGuardia Airport’s Terminal D but traffic was moving reasonably well.  The terminal seemed a bit empty and, as I headed over to the PreCheck security checkpoint, I noticed that the regular checkpoint was a bit quiet as well.  Only a few …

2014 Brings Change to Frequent Flyer Programs

And then there were three.
At some point in early 2015, the number of frequent flyer programs run by legacy airlines will drop to three.  US Airways Dividend Miles will disappear along with the US Airways brand, merged into American’s AAdvantage program, the granddaddy of them all.
The three that will remain, AAdvantage, Delta SkyMiles, and United MileagePlus, stand in stark contrast to the landscape in 2005, when the field also included …

Ethiopian Airlines Hijacking First Person Account: ‘It Was Hell’

A passenger on Ethiopian Airlines Flight 702 posted an account of his experience.  The flier, a 25-year-old male sitting in economy, posted the story on the reddit website the following day and verified his identity with his baggage tag showing the flight and date.
Unlike what has been portrayed in the news media, the flight, he wrote, “was hell.”  While hijackings have been portrayed in movies in various forms, it’s nonetheless …

Flight Cancellations Hit 25-Year Record, Cost Travelers Billions

The airline industry has seen its highest number of cancellations in 25 years, due in large part to the number of winter storms that the U.S. has been experiencing so far this year.  In the past 30 days alone, there have been over 53,000 cancellations and more than 153,200 delays according to FlightStats, a flight tracking service.
Last month, masFlight, an aviation data company, estimated that January’s wintry weather cost airlines …

Photo Essay: Sunsets from the Plane

Photo Essay: Sunsets from the Plane

“One day, I saw the sun set 44 times.”
When the sun begins to set, the results are striking.  A canvas in the western sky covered with orange and red hues, it’s indeed something to behold and has frequently been a focal point in literature, including chapter six of “Le Petit Prince” or “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, both author and pioneer aviator.
In recent months, I’ve been fortunate to …

Airbus, Boeing Examine Future of Asia-Pacific Aviation Market

The world’s two leading aircraft manufacturers, Airbus and Boeing, took the opportunity at the Singapore Airshow to provide their view of the Asia Pacific market over the coming decades.
Airbus believes that the Asia region will account for 45% of global passengers by the year 2032.  It also envisions that airlines servicing the region will be flying larger passenger planes on shorter routes.
Traditionally, airlines have used larger planes, such as Airbus …

Poll: Are You in Favor of a Congressional Ban on In-Flight Mobile Phone Calls

Republicans and Democrats in the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure approved a bill that was introduced earlier this week to prohibit passengers from placing or receiving phone calls on their mobile phones during domestic flights.
The bill, somewhat aptly named “Prohibiting In-Flight Voice Communications on Mobile Wireless Devices Act of 2013,” still has to make its way through Congress, and comes as the Federal Communications Commission is considering lifting a …