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The Five Worst Days to Travel in 2018

Traffic getting to the airport was miserable, the security checkpoint line was out the door, and stress levels were high. But when traveling during the holidays, what’s the alternative?
Now that we’ve kicked off summer with the busy Memorial Day holiday, here are the five days to avoid flying on and to stay off the roads for the remainder of 2018.
June 29
The 4th of July comes on a Wednesday this year …

JFK Opens New Emergency Operations Center After Paralyzing January Storm

John F. Kennedy International Airport, which was paralyzed for days after the “bomb cyclone” Nor’easter on January 4, unveiled an Emergency Operations Center, or EOC, that will coordinate operations during bad weather events and other emergency situations.
The airport, which is unique in that it has six completely separate terminals, operated by six independent entities, each with a great deal of autonomy, created the EOC after an independent study …

United Opens Third Polaris Lounge

United Airlines opened its third Polaris Lounge, this one at Newark Liberty International Airport, on Thursday.
The Chicago-based airline originally planned to open it this summer. It opened its second Polaris Lounge, that one at San Francisco International Airport, on April 30.
Like other Polaris Lounges, this one is open only to Polaris-ticketed customers. United says that the Newark lounge embraces “the energy” of the New York metropolitan area, which includes Newark, …

Review: United Airlines’ New Polaris Lounge in San Francisco

United Airlines opened the doors of its new Polaris Lounge at San Francisco International Airport Wednesday as a preview of what’s to come when it opens to Polaris passengers on April 30. CEO Oscar Munoz welcomed invited guests with a Champagne toast to the new lounge.
The San Francisco Polaris Lounge is the airline’s second and the first of four slated to open in 2018. With a capacity of 440 people …

So Long Virgin America: A Requiem for an Upstart Airline

Getting Virgin America off the ground required a series of battles.  While the scrappy airline was founded in 2004 by Richard Branson, it didn’t get U.S. government approval to operate until 2007 and that was only one of its many challenges.
“Remember that time from 2004 to 2007 when we leased planes that were sitting on the runway while we waited for the US government to give us a license so …

Inspections of Aircraft Engines Under a Microscope Following Southwest Accident

Is a routine visual inspection of an engine enough?
After an engine on a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 broke apart midflight on Tuesday, killing one person sitting in a window seat near the engine, the answer may be “no.”
That aircraft’s engine had been visually inspected on Sunday, and no problems were noted.
The accident was the first passenger fatality resulting from an accident on a U.S. airline in nine years and the …

Pilot of Crippled Southwest Plane Praised for ‘Nerves of Steel’

The Southwest pilot who successfully landed the crippled Boeing 737 on Tuesday after a midair engine explosion had “nerves of steel,” according to one passenger who was on the flight.
What passengers didn’t know is that their captain, Tammie Jo Shults, was one of the first women fighter pilots in the United States Navy.
Twenty minutes into the flight, a time when it’s normally tranquil, all hell broke loose. The left engine exploded, …