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Is 2017 the Year of the Airline Computer Crash?

This may be the Chinese Year of the Rooster but to frequent travelers, it seems more like the Year of the Airline Computer Crash.
Airline computer crashes snarl air traffic across the country and leave tens of thousands of passengers stranded on airplanes that are not taking off. At the same time, they also cause very long lines in airport terminals and leave travelers unable to make or change reservations.
In an …

Beginner’s Guide to TSA PreCheck

If you’ve wondered how some flyers arrive shortly before departure and sail through security, we have the answer: it’s the Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck trusted traveler program and here is what you need to know about it.
TSA PreCheck was introduced in October 2011 and has been expanded in scope since then. In addition to speeding enrolled travelers through security, it helps lessen the wait on regular security lines because there …

Flight Review: Delta One Business Class San Francisco-New York

My first flight in a while on Delta out of San Francisco gave me the opportunity to visit the airline’s attractive new Sky Club lounge. Thanks to an absence of traffic in the Bay Area and at the TSA PreCheck security checkpoint line, I had ample time to enjoy the lounge and was captivated by the views of airport operations that the almost floor-to-ceiling windows allowed.
The old Sky Club was …

Reimagining JFK Airport: Terminal City, Meet the Future

The plans to redevelop John F. Kennedy International Airport as a more interconnected airport calls to mind the airport’s first redevelopment in the 1950s as Terminal City.
The airport, which opened in the 1940s as Idlewild, was renamed New York International Airport, Anderson Field in 1948 (although the name “Idlewild” stuck), and then named after President John F. Kennedy a month after his assassination in 1963.
Originally, the Port Authority of …

Air Berlin Business Class New York-Düsseldorf – Flight Review

While our European Editor Christian Stampfer has flown Air Berlin multiple times, I, despite holding gold status on the airline, had never boarded one of its planes.
Belying its name, Air Berlin was a U.S. airline founded by a company based in Oregon in 1978 to operate charter flights. After reunification, the airline was acquired by Joachim Hunold, a former LTU executive. It became a low-cost long-haul carrier in 2007, after acquiring …

Traveling to Canada? Make Sure You Get an eTa

Canada’s welcome mat has become more slippery in the past few weeks.
As of December 2016, many visitors to Canada will require an Electronic Travel Authorization, or eTa, to enter the country by air. The Canadian government has said that the measure is meant to screen travelers before they arrive in the country.
American citizens, who are exempt from obtaining a Canadian visa, are also exempt from the new policy, which went …

How Deicing Makes Flying Safer in Winter Conditions

It’s wintertime, and in many parts of the country, that means inclement weather, with rain, hail, sleet, and snow creating hazardous conditions. Based on the number of snowstorms and blizzards last winter, you will probably see the white stuff sooner rather than later and it will inevitably snarl travel plans throughout the course of the season.
However, imagine if you will – it’s snowing. There are already inches of snow on …