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Smoking Section: Airlines Prepare for Fires from Exploding Smartphones

While all aircraft are equipped with fire extinguishers as well as fire suppression systems in the cargo hold and engine pods, the recent rash of lithium-ion battery fueled fires that resulted in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones being withdrawn from the market is causing carriers to adopt extra precautions.
Following the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration’s ban last Friday on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from …

Airlines Say Air Rage is Taking Off

The number of misbehaving passengers in the air is on the rise.
The International Air Transport Association, an industry group, said that there has been a 16% increase or 10,854 incidents involving unruly passengers in 2015, up from 9,316 in 2014.
The types of incidents reported by the world’s airlines include verbal abuse of crewmembers, failure to follow lawful crew instructions, and what IATA termed “other forms of anti-social behavior.”
Not surprisingly, alcohol …

American Airlines Business-Class Dining: Paris-New York – Review

American Airlines operates its later flights between Paris and New York with a well-worn Boeing 757 with its Next Generation Business angled lie-flat seats. It’s an intimate cabin with only 14 seats in a 2-2 configuration and some redeeming features not typically found on newer seats, such as a split tray table that allows retracting the main part of the table and leaving small items such as beverages on the …

How to Stay Safe at Airports, Train Stations, and Other Public Places

Shootings in public places such as airports, train stations, and shopping malls have left travelers on edge. Brussels, Paris, Istanbul, and Munich have each left a disturbing imprint in the minds of many travelers and the recent unfounded reports of shootings, first at John F. Kennedy International Airport two weeks ago and then at Los Angeles International Airport this past weekend, only exacerbated the concerns of travelers for their safety.
Airports …

American, World’s Largest Airline, Aims for ‘Greatest’ Title As Well

American Airlines, currently the world’s largest airline, wants to be the “greatest airline in the world” as well and has launched a new advertising campaign to get the message across. What’s more, it wants its passengers to consider themselves “the world’s greatest flyers,” or at least strive to be in that category.
It defines being the world’s greatest airline as one that customers want to fly on, employees want to work …

Photo Essay: Happy National Aviation Day

In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed National Aviation Day to be August 19, in honor of Orville Wright’s birthday. Roosevelt intended the day to commemorate the development of aviation in the United States and, since then, it has gone on to also celebrate its history.
In honor of National Aviation Day, airlines and airports throughout the country will be offering aviation enthusiasts behind-the-scenes looks at operations and other aviation-themed activities.
August …

Alaska Airlines First Class Los Angeles-Washington, D.C. – Flight Review

Alaska Airlines is the sixth largest carrier in the U.S. and, following its merger with Virgin America, will soon be in the number five position. Perhaps due to its focus on the Pacific Northwest – its largest hub is in Seattle, with additional hubs in Portland and Anchorage – the stars never aligned. That is, however, until now.
My assignment: be the first writer at Frequent Business Traveler to review an …