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Lobby Bar – June 3: Fresh Sky Burgers, What Jets do to Relax, and Where Babies Come From

Lobby Bar – A Twisted Trilogy of FBT News and Views
Airborne grillz. If you were traveling over Memorial Day, you might have been pleasantly surprised by the short wait time at airports across the nation. There was also the added benefit of enjoying fresh BBQ in-flight on the one day of the year fire marshals “look the other way.”
First father. Jesse Sokolow travels back to important air travel moments in …

Lobby Bar – May 27: The Day the Planes Stood Still, Human-Powered Cars, and a Decline in the Wizard Population

Lobby Bar – A Blatantly Blasphemous Interpretation of FBT News and Views
Biggest in-flight danger. Paul Riegler wants to reassure you that, even after recent terror attacks, you are still quite safe in the sky. Except from that smelly dude in 7A. You’ll never be safe from him, so be prepared to breathe through your mouth for six to eight hours.
The plot thickens. Broadway shows are once again setting records for …

Lobby Bar – May 20: Naughty Hotels, Illegal Brewing Practices, and the Secret to Immortality

Lobby Bar – An Excellent Excerpt of FBT News and Views
Short and sweet. Jonathan Spira goes to see “Do I Hear a Waltz?” as part of the Encores Great American Musicals series at City Center. While the performance usually lasts a couple of hours, this one was roughly eight seconds long, with a lone thespian taking the stage and reciting one brief phrase, “no, you hear a Tango,” to much …

Gram Games 1010 – Game Review

Every frequent traveler needs to unwind, and in between going through security and checking for e-mails during a flight, there’s bound to be some down time for a little gaming.  The best type of game for those constantly on the move is one that can be picked up, played for a few minutes, and saved for later.  1010, produced by Gram Games, is such a title.
1010 is a minimalistic and …

Lobby Bar – May 13: Next-Level Coffee, Above Diamond Status, and Why Travel Managers are Insomniacs

Lobby Bar – An “Accurate” Assembly of FBT News and Views
Not that way… The results are in: find out from Jesse Sokolow what top three things are keeping corporate travel managers awake at night. The answers: 1) significant others who snore, 2) “blue” light from their smartphones, and 3) uncomfortable pillows.
But sir, I am a diamond guest! It’s time for another poll: what are your biggest pre-flight air travel pet …

Lobby Bar – May 6: Traveling Naked, Cars that Drive on Clouds, and Why Tubes are the Future

Lobby Bar – A Meaningless Memo Summarizing FBT News and Views
Phantom limb. Jesse Sokolow details the biggest events in Mays throughout travel history. His time machine took him to May 2053, when people travel exclusively through a network of air-pressurized tubes at hundreds of miles per hour, and may or may not arrive at their destination in one piece.
Move it up. Hundreds of miles of highway stretches in Pennsylvania have …

Lobby Bar – April 29: Dancing in the Sky, a Flight and a Half, and How to Rickroll Somebody in 2016

Lobby Bar – A Surprisingly Special Summary of FBT News and Views
Grand slam. The 2016 Greg Spira Baseball Research Award winner has been named, and will receive $1,000 for his essay.  This year, we only accepted submissions that were printed out, crumpled up, and batted into the window of our offices in midtown Manhattan.
Learn from history. Time to find out how many of our readers are up to date on …