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Lobby Bar – September 2: Obama’s Real Legacy, Free Massages, and Military-Grade Scarves

Lobby Bar – A Hard Boiled Box of FBT News and Views
Presidential piloting. Jonathan Spira takes control of the 2016 Lincoln MKX. This is the last vehicle Lincoln will produce under its current moniker; the company polled Americans across the nation and found that President Obama has been a more popular president than Mr. Abraham ever was. Next week: Paul Riegler reviews the 2017 Obama Legacy 4E.
ABC Disclaimer. Jesse Sokolow …

Lobby Bar – August 26: The Most Intimidating Beverage, How to Sleep Anywhere, and Why You Should Lick Phones

Lobby Bar – A Slightly Soiled Serviette Full of FBT News and Views
Global air. Did you feel hot last month? That’s because July was the hottest month ever recorded in human history. Don’t worry, Trump has a plan to install an air conditioned dome over the entire planet, which will ensure that everybody can exist in a comfortable atmosphere, ozone be damned, while keeping out all alien species at the …

10 Radically New and Awesome Features in iOS 10

When Apple first introduced the iPhone, the operating system didn’t even have a name. At launch, it was called iPhone OS and received its current designation in 2010 with the introduction of the iPad.
Every one to two years, Apple introduces a major update of the mobile operating system and the newest version, iOS 10, is expected to be released in September.
Apple says that the new version will be the “biggest …

Lobby Bar – August 19: The Healthiest Hotel, Sky Balconies, and Instagram Fame Perks

Lobby Bar – A Collaborative Collage of FBT News and Views
Roger, Over. To commemorate National Aviation Day, Paul Riegler assembled some of his favorite photos of planes taking off into sunrises and sunsets. In one of the pictures, Riegler could tell that he was going to miss the sunset by approximately 15 minutes, so he knocked politely on the cockpit door and asked the pilot to speed up a bit. …

Lobby Bar – August 12: The City of Free Bikes, Kids Driving Cars, and How to Crash Delta’s Servers

Lobby Bar – A Fabulous Footnote of FBT News and Views
Like father, like son. Jonathan Spira takes a seat behind the wheel of the 2017 Buick LaCrosse. As Spira notes, this is NOT your father’s Buick. Instead, it’s your child’s Buick, and comes with a booster seat, strap-on blocks for reaching the pedals, and a special safety mode that allows toddlers and young children to pilot the vehicle.
Swapping gears. Paul …

Lobby Bar – August 5: Lounging Duties, Accidental Flight Purchases, and How to Protect Yourself from your Keys

Lobby Bar – A Cunningly Clever Collection of FBT News and Views
Trillumpary. Jesse Sokolow travels to Augusts throughout history to report on significant travel moments. He even went to August 2017 and knows who the next president will be, although he signed a non-disclosure agreement with ATTA (The American Time Travel Association) that prohibits him from sharing this information with anyone, except for one lone candidate under non-disclosure who immediately …

Lobby Bar – July 29: Airline CEOs Hold Grudges, Don’t Text and Fly, and How Hamilton Saved 2016

Lobby Bar – An Undoubtedly Useful Umbrella of FBT News and Views
River deals. Check out our guide on how to shop from Amazon while getting the best possible native handicrafts from local Amazonian tribes. To reduce shipping costs, consider finding a river closer to you. For example, those in the Midwest should check out Mississippi Prime.
Broadway rising. Jonathan Spira sits through the acclaimed musical, Hamilton… the question is, does it …