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5 Tips for Surviving The 4th of July Heat Wave

Forecasters expect temperatures to reach 100° F (38° C) in many parts of the United States in the coming days, with sunny and storm-free conditions expected.
While many enjoy the scorching weather, it would be imprudent not to take certain precautions, especially for those spending a significant amount of time outdoors.
Here are five tips for staying healthy in the hot summer sun.
1.) Drink lots of water.
Consuming copious amounts of water helps …

Lobby Bar – May 4: The World’s Longest Receipt, Long German Words for $100, and Hotels on Wheels

Lobby Bar – The Occasional Gift That Keeps on Giving
Pocket calls. Check into the San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront with Paul Riegler. The hotel is actually located on the tarmac and it needs to be wheeled off the runway for each takeoff and landing. The good news is that it shouldn’t cause any discomfort beyond a slight vibration that could be mistaken for an incoming call.
Hello? Let’s talk about the …

Earth Hour 2018 Is This Saturday: Here’s How to Participate When the Lights Go Out

If you notice buildings going dark a little over an hour after sunset, there is no cause for alarm. Indeed, it’s all planned and part of a worldwide effort to raise environmental awareness.
The 11th annual Earth Hour will take place on March 24 at 8:30 p.m. (20:30h) local time across the globe. Organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature, or WWF, Earth Hour is observed by individuals, …

Lobby Bar – March 16: Super-Powered Editors, Drive with the Beatles, Smart Stoves, Fly for Free

Lobby Bar – The Only Meeting Place That Makes You Question Your Existence
What-er? Put down that water bottle; turns out there may be some unwanted surprises inside. The special ingredients will give consumers some rare superpowers, but they won’t necessarily be all that great. Sure, some people might join the ranks of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but then again you have the case of FBT’s Anna Breuer, who grew …

Lobby Bar – February 23: Politicians in Rickshaws, Leaf Chairs, and a How to Grow a Hotel

Lobby Bar – A Magical Article That Appears Once Every Hundred Years
Tax me not. A group of airline executives protested the taxes they have to pay when they arrive at airports, according to an industry group.  “We own the airplanes,” they explained. “We don’t need to pay no stinkin’ taxes.”  Going forward, these executives will have paid stickers placed on their foreheads when flying and will not be subject to the …

Lobby Bar – January 26: Sampling Your DNA, Motorized Slippers, Fake IDs, and the Ground is Lava

Lobby Bar – What Happens at the Lobby Bar Stays at the Lobby Bar
Sponsored by the NSA. Join the discussion: is the mobile passport app faster than global entry? Really, you should all be using the passport section of the FBT app, which lets you prick your finger and place a drop of blood into the charging port of your device.  Our systems will then analyze your DNA and retrieve a …

Lobby Bar – January 19: Free Llamas, TSA Armor Checks, and Cars get Human Transplants

Lobby Bar – Where It’s Okay to Wear a Denim Vest
CarHuman. Christian Stampfer reports from the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Check out BMW’s new kidney, which has been replaced with an actual human kidney for better performance. Just remember that this means you will need to bring your BMW to a nephrologist rather than a mechanic if things go wrong.
Welcome to the future. Join Jonathan Spira …