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Lobby Bar – October 28: Bird-Assisted Air Travel, Pillows are Not for Sleeping, and Artificial Intelligence Gets Smug


Lobby Bar – An Allegorical Assortment of FBT News and Views
Air Purgatory. It’s time to find out if you’ll be accepted into our spring honors course by taking our fall travel pop quiz. If you don’t get at least three questions right, you’ll be sent to traveler’s purgatory: an Air Koryo flight with unlimited fuel that never seems to receive clearance for landing.
A tale of two strokes. Jonathan Spira is …

Lobby Bar – October 21: Get a Travel Buddy, Surviving the Ice Age, and How to Deal with Too Much Fish


Lobby Bar – A Bloody Brilliant Bundle of FBT News and Views
Help me? Information Overload Awareness Day was this week. Read our 563,487 tips on how to overcome Information Overload and stay focused in an age of constant distraction. The 2020 Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo, Japan.
Fire and sound. Because the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is subject to spontaneous combustion, many airlines have started carrying fire-containment bags. The …

Lobby Bar – October 14: Indoor Cars, Broadway Takes Flight, and Parachuting to the Bay Area

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Lobby Bar – A Confounding Concoction of FBT News and Views
Icebreaker. Paul Riegler heads to California and checks into the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. Rather than using alarm wakeup calls, the hotel dispatches a butler to use the ice machine nearest your room at the hour you request. The mechanical grinding sound of ice being crushed is far more pleasant than the phone’s ringtone, the hotel insists.
Mini stereos. Jonathan Spira …

Lobby Bar – October 7: The Little Blimp, Pokèmon Drivers, and Twister Transit


Lobby Bar – An Irregular Irrelevance of FBT News and Views
Flying candy. It’s Jesse’s time of the month: what happened in Octobers throughout travel history? William Boeing was born on October 8 in 1888 and invented Pop Rocks some years later. Many don’t realize that it was through experimentation with the exploding candy that Boeing discovered that planes could be powered by food, although jet fuel turned out to be …

Lobby Bar – September 30: Air Hulks, Imprisoned Furniture, How to Steal a Gym


Lobby Bar – A Compelling Compendium of FBT News and Views
The ignominious end. Jonathan Spira checks out “Spamilton,” a parody on the infamously popular hit Broadway show about the first United States Secretary of the Treasury. In this version of the show, the actor playing Hamilton alters the lyrics slightly and sings, “I’m not going to get shot!”, after which Aaron Burr promptly shoots him and the musical abruptly ends.
Red …

Lobby Bar – September 23: Blinding Aliens, Mail-in Tweets, and Donald Trump’s Golden Ticket


Lobby Bar – A Concocted Conglomeration of FBT News and Views
Ground control to Major Tom. Join Jeremy Del Nero (greetings) in a look at some of the new features in Apple’s iOS 10. The flashlight now has adjustable brightness, which allows the user to put it in one of the following modes: low light, medium light, or bright light. If you enter a series of secret swipes across the screen, …

Marriott Announces Strategy for Marriott Rewards and SPG Guest Loyalty Programs

Lobby of the Bristol, Warsaw - a Starwood Luxury Collection Property

With Starwood Hotels and Resorts now part of Marriott International, members of both hoteliers’ guest loyalty programs have been wondering what will happen to their respective programs and – perhaps as importantly – to their points.
On Friday, Marriott said it plans to continue to operate both programs – Starwood Preferred Guest, or SPG, and Marriott Rewards – for at least the next two years before it eventually phases out SPG. …