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Lobby Bar – July 21: Killer Selfies, Flight Attendants Get Naked, and a Concussion Shower

Lobby Bar – The Only Article That Loves You Back
Two of a kind. Join Jonathan Spira at the theater for a look at “Assassins,” a roughly two-hour light-hearted look at the assassinations of past United States presidents. Next week, we’ll review “Survivors,” a 43-hour play about all of the other presidents. Bring a sleeping bag and diapers: there is no intermission but covlefe will be served.
Powdered hospitality. Take a quick flight …

Dear Selfie Taker: Please Don’t Break the Artwork or Kill Yourself

The recent news that a woman in Los Angeles had knocked over 11 crowned pedestals, part of an art installation by Simon Birch, while taking a selfie came as little surprise to those who experience a type of Schadenfreude around selfies, selfie sticks, and the problems they occasion.
As Jonathan Spira noted in these pages two years ago, selfies, and by extension selfie sticks, can be dangerous to both the photographer …

Lobby Bar – July 14: When Turtles Fly, Human Memory Upgrades, Yogi Berra’s Lounge, and the Real Rainbow Road

The Lobby Bar – No Prescription Necessary, Now Available Over the Counter
Electrique. Paul Riegler explains why the future of electric vehicles is very bright right now. This is in part thanks to legislature that incentivizes research in the industry, but mostly because the majority of EVs are outfitted with multi-colored rainbow LED rim lights, making the roads just a little more visible and fabulous for everyone.
Take a pill. 2017 is …

Lobby Bar – July 7: Cars Are Pokémon Too, How to Time Travel, and the Clones Are Back

The Lobby Bar – Fittingly Fulfilling When Taken With a Full Glass of Milk
Join us. Many significant moments in travel history have occurred in Julys past, and here to help you revisit them is Jesse, the magazine’s dedicated time-traveling reporter. Rumor has it that if you read Lobby Bar every week for five years, you too could gain time traveling powers. Then, and only then, can you apply for a …

Lobby Bar – June 30: Pancake Trees, Rock Cars, and Literally Free Money

The Lobby Bar – Chock Full of Antihistamines! Guaranteed to stop your sniffles.
Where do you get your kids? Time to celebrate: the iPhone is officially ten years old. Like most 10-year-olds, the iPhone throws plenty of tantrums, needs to recharge every few hours, and stays up late texting.
Please remain seated. Join Jonathan Spira at the Daryl Roth Theater for “In & of Itself,” a meta-realistic production that aims to make …

Lobby Bar – June 23: How Airplanes Relax, Cats Can Fly, and a Co-operative Driving

It is better to create than to learn! Lobby Bar is the essence of life.
Yep, him too. Jonathan Spira heads to Central Park to see his old friend, Julius. The play has undergone a few minor changes to be relevant to the current political landscape; highlights include Caesar dying for the 119th time, gasping “Et tu, Trumpe?”
Traveling club kids. Penn Station is trying to rid itself of its icky reputation, …

Hotel Lucia, Portland, Oregon – Review

I actually missed the hotel entrance on my first go around the block. Then I saw the unassuming black awning with “Hotel Lucia” and I pulled my rental car up to the front doors. Two doormen were beside my car before it came to a stop and immediately (and warmly) helped with my luggage and parked my car in a nearby lot. After four grueling hours on the road from …