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Lobby Bar – January 20: Toilets of the Future, Nudity Aboard the Aircraft, and Cloning Yourself for Extra Hotel Points


Lobby Bar – A Curious Collective of FBT News and Views
Bathroom munchies. The Japanese toilet industry plans to introduce newer, more easily understood controls for high-tech toilets. The industry will also be doing away with one feature: a button that looks as though it should clean the toilet bowl but actually places an order for sushi through a local restaurant, and delivered through the bathroom window.
Quiet please! Remember, in the U.K., …

Lobby Bar – January 13: New Driving Safety Standards, Whiskey on Tap Tap, and Shrubbery Take Charge

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A Super Summary of FBT News and Views, on Steroids
Rise of the machines. A California law that went into effect at the beginning of this year bars drivers from holding and operating a handheld electronic device while driving. Unfortunately, cars are so technologically advanced that a federal ruling in late December classified all cars as handheld electronic devices, which means that drivers in California are not allowed to touch the …

Happy 10th Birthday Apple iPhone


Ten years ago today, January 9, Steve Jobs stood on a stage at MacWorld 2007 and changed how people think about their phones.
Back then, a mobile phone was a device that (gasp!) was used to place calls. It didn’t have a touchscreen, the App Store didn’t exist nor did apps for that matter, music on a phone was a ringtone of questionable quality, and Internet access required a phone the …

Alaska Airlines to Offer ‘Free Chat’ In-Flight Messaging

Alaska Airlines to Offer ‘Free Chat’ In-Flight Messaging

Alaska Airlines announced it will offer passengers free access to Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi for the purpose of using various messaging and chat apps on a test or beta basis.
The service, only available on flights with Gogo on board, supports iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and What’s App although only text messages and not photos are supported.
The service is not available while flying over Mexico, the Pacific Ocean to and from Hawaii, or …

Lobby Bar – January 6: Weather is Evolving, Bobbing for Apple Stores, and What’s an Iceport?


An Untold and Untrue Summary of FBT News and Views
Let’s get physical. Jeremy Del Nero (aloha!) flies to Hawaii and checks into the Hyatt Regency Maui. I was there on business but still managed to get lei’d no less than three times! Just don’t tell our editorial director, because I want to be able to return to Maui some day.
Just in case. Jesse Sokolow travels to significant moments in Januarys …

Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa – Hotel Review


Flying to Hawaii, I was prepared for beaches and relaxation. I wasn’t, however, prepared for penguins or the stars. The flightless birds in the lobby of the hotel seemed out of place, but actually the vast majority of penguins prefer warmer climates. The stars I merely forgot about, perhaps due to the light pollution in New York City that renders most of the sky a gray blanket at night. Re-introductions …

Lobby Bar – December 30: The Future of Airports, Times Unchanged Roman, and How to Return an Airplane


An Exaggerated Example of FBT News and Views
Six of one… Jonathan Spira visits Matsuhisa Munich and Bar31 for a bite. The meal was excellent to the best of Mr. Spira’s memory, but after the mandatory 31 drinks, he couldn’t quite be sure which had better texture: the sashimi or fine cloth napkins.
Tradition transition. It’s that time of year: join Miss Sophie for her annual tradition: “Dinner for One.” It’s become …