Assessing the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Travel

Our new report that assesses the impact of the Covid-19 parandemic on travel and daily activities, “Assessing the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Travel and Daily Activities:  When 1,720 Frequent Travelers Will Fly, Shake Hands, Dine Out, and Take a Cruise,” is now available for purchase at special introductory pricing.

A single-user copy is available at a special introductory price, $199, reduced from $299.

Based on a survey of almost 2,000 frequent travelers, Assessing the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Travel and Daily Activities is intended for managers and executives at companies in the travel and hospitality industry as well as for those in corporate travel and travel management.

The report provides valuable insight into the current thinking of frequent travelers about when they believe they will feel comfortable undertaking activities such as travel that they partook in prior to the start of the pandemic.

It also includes specific guidance as to when most frequent travelers expect to engage in travel-related activities such as going on a plane, staying at a hotel, and dining at a restaurant.

The Enterprise version of the report includes an enterprise-wide license and three hours of “access to analyst” time to review the report’s findings, predictions, and industry insights in a briefing with a senior member of our research team who can help shape your organization’s strategy.

The report provides the reader with a look behind the curtain, not only reporting on what travelers plan to do but when. It also looks at why they make the choices they make.

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