The Official Guide to Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Volvo European Delivery Programs

by Jonathan Spira

Every year, thousands of travelers go to Europe and return with a larger-than-average souvenir: a brand new automobile. Indeed, since the 1960s, several hundred thousand Americans have visited Gothenburg, Ingolstadt, Munich, and Stuttgart with that goal in mind, mixing in a driving experience while taking in the local food, world-famous museums and art galleries, and the Gemütlichkeit of western Europe.
These tourists aren’t importing the cars themselves nor are they purchasing …

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Lobby Bar – August 22: Mile Low Club, Bat Man Mingles, and Driving Across the Atlantic

by Jeremy Del Nero

The Lobby Bar – A Deliciously Facetious Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views
Poor parenting. Jesse Sokolow takes us on a tour of the Twin Cities from his childhood. While any good parent doesn’t play favorites, Jesse clearly prefers one of the twins over the other. It’s okay, Paul, just don’t tell Minnie.
Stranded no more. Find out how Volkswagen’s 2015 e-Golf fares on the road. Not to worry: if you …

The World’s Best Airport Amenities

by Paul Riegler

Most people think of airports as places to depart from and arrive on flights at, but that view may prove to be somewhat outdated.
Airport operators around the world, recognizing that people are traveling longer distances and often spending hours waiting for connections, wish to entice travelers to use their airport for that connection.
I started writing this article sitting outdoors in a beer garden in Munich, one that happens to be …

Poll: How Effective is the TSA?

by Karin Sun
Security checkpoint at Terminal 7 at JFK

If you fly frequently, be it for business or leisure, you are well aware that waiting in line at TSA security checkpoints is an unavoidable part of the air travel experience.
Over the past year, the TSA has implemented numerous changes with an eye toward improving the airport screening process for passengers, including expanding the PreCheck trusted traveler program to international flights and airlines, as well as to more airports within …

What’s Doing in the Twin Cities

by Jesse Sokolow

Although the name “Twin Cities” may give the impression that the adjoining towns of Minneapolis and Saint Paul are similar in appearance and nature, the two are anything but. Located in the eastern part of central Minnesota near the Wisconsin border, the two cities are steeped in their own distinct cultures, each with characteristics harking back to their respective origins.
Minneapolis is a bustling, modern metropolis in the Midwest, somewhat smaller …

5 Stories to Read This Weekend: August 16, 2014

by Karin Sun

Another weekend is upon us, and it’s time to catch up on things you didn’t have time to read during the week. Here are some of the most engaging features from Frequent Business Traveler for your weekend:
1.) Paul Riegler provides an overview of four start-up airlines, two bearing the names of long gone carriers, while two other airlines are reviving the concept of offering all-business class transatlantic flights.
2.) Jonathan Spira …

Lobby Bar – August 15: In with the Old, Three-Thousand-Year-Old Falafel, and Sorting Hat Shenanigans

by Jeremy Del Nero

The Lobby Bar – A Chuckle-Worthy Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views
Leave your toaster at home.  Paul Riegler shares some tips to make late-summer travel a tad easier, such as refraining from checking a bag.  An alternative that will get you where you are going faster is to rent Jesse’s new teleportation machine, available at the unheard of low price of 99 cents per mile.
His highness chimes in.  …

Ellenborough Park, Cheltenham, England – Hotel Review

by Jonathan Spira

Visiting the English countryside has always been a somewhat alluring notion for me, so when the opportunity presented itself to visit the Cotswolds, an area of south central England, my mind filled with images of bucolic rolling hills, villages and hamlets, shopkeepers and old churches, lords and ladies in ancient manor houses.
On a pleasant sunny morning,  I set off on the First Great Western Train to Cheltenham in the Cotswolds.
The …