Subjecting World Leaders to the Head of Lettuce Test

By Jonathan Spira on 20 October 2022
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In the end, the head of lettuce won.

Liz Truss, whose only claim to fame other than tanking the British economy may be that she will have been the last prime minister to have been appointed by Queen Elizabeth II, resigned amidst withering support, fulfilling prophecies inspired by a turn-of-phrase in a column in the Economist that a head of lettuce would outlast her remaining days in office.

A reporter at the Daily Star, a left-leaning tabloid in Britain, purchased a head of lettuce at Tesco for 60 pence ($0.68) and turned it into a caricature of the leader of the Tories, running a video with the headline “Will Liz Truss outlast this lettuce?”

In the end, the iceberg lettuce emerged victorious after Truss withered first.

Once her resignation became known, someone at the Star placed Truss’ photo face-down on the table, added colorful lighting, and a recording of “God Save the King” played on endless repeat.

When Truss is replaced within the week – something the Conservative Party has already set in motion – she will have served the shortest tenure ever for a British prime minister.

Now, if only other world leaders were subject to the head of lettuce test, we might be onto something.  Meanwhile, please pass the salad bowl.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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