When Will the Pandemic Truly Be Over?

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By Jonathan Spira on 28 September 2022
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President Biden’s premature statement that the pandemic was over and the White House’s awkward pivot has fueled a discussion of how we will know when the pandemic is over.

Apparently, the fat lady has not yet sung.

I’m an historian by training and degree and, just as when looking for when a paradigm shift took place, the end of the pandemic can only be determined in the rear-view mirror.

There won’t be a single moment similar to the armistice on November 11, 1918 at 11 a.m. when the First World War came to an end.  Instead, we’ll look for milestones including the interruption of virus transmission, the suppression of hospitalizations and deaths, and a broad relaxation in self-isolation.

At this point, we’ve barely achieved the third point.

We’ve made great progress but the coronavirus has always been able to be one step ahead and it’s once science can be one step ahead of the virus that we will truly be able to say that the pandemic is over.

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