New Gun Law in New York Bans Weapons in Most Public Settings

By Paul Riegler on 3 July 2022
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The new law bans guns at places such Times Square, shown on a rainy day.

New York State enacted new gun regulations after the Supreme Court said, last week, that its restrictive gun-license system was unconstitutional, as were similar regimes in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia.

The new law bans individuals with gun permits from carrying their weapons in so-called “sensitive places.”  In the Empire State, the list of such locations includes many places tourists and locals might visit including airports, theaters, museums, parks, zoos, libraries, stadiums, houses of worship, places where alcohol might be consumed including cafés, restaurants, and bars, the Times Square area, as well as on public transit, which would include buses, subways, trains, and light rail.

In addition, it bans guns in government buildings, medical facilities, playgrounds, schools, summer camps, addiction-support centers, homeless shelters, nursing homes, places where marijuana is consumed, and polling places.

All private businesses will be presumed to be gun-free zones unless their owners say otherwise.

The new law calls for an increased training requirement and increased scrutiny of gun permit applications, including a requirement to submit links to all social media accounts so that the licensing officer can judge the applicant’s “character and conduct.”

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