United Airlines Staff in Montana Request Police Assistance to Deal With a ‘Frustrated’ Passenger, Ted Cruz, Who Missed His Flight

Senator Reportedly Threatens Staff During Heated Encounter

By Paul Riegler on 22 March 2022
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A scenic view in Montana

No, Senator, they did not know who you were.  With everyone wearing masks, one face is just about as memorable as the next, even if it’s the face of Senator Ted Cruz, a former presidential candidate.

Cruz had missed the check-in window for his United Airlines flight from Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport over the weekend and the United Airlines agent checking him in told him that, due to higher than usual flight loads due to spring break, he could not be immediately rebooked.

A video posted on Reddit shows a visibly irritated senator repeatedly shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders in what became a heated argument with two agents.  The confrontation grew to the point where police were summoned to deal with “a frustrated passenger.”

The Reddit user who posted the video said that, at one point, Cruz said a variation of “Do you know who I am?”  The same user later updated his post and said that the senator had made “thinly veiled threats towards the employment of the people involved. Demanding their names and threatening to call corporate.”

In a statement, the airport confirmed the incident and said that Cruz was eventually rebooked on a flight once a seat was found and he left that evening.

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