Thousands of Passengers Stranded at JFK After Blizzard Cancels Hundreds of JetBlue Flights

By Kurt Stolz on 31 January 2022
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JetBlue’s terminal at JFK

Thousands of passengers continue to be stranded at New York-area airports after the Blizzard of 2022 caused cancellation of an estimated 90% of flights out of the region on Saturday and some 40% on Sunday.

As of Monday, Terminal 5 at JFK, which is used by JetBlue Airways among other airlines, looked more like a hostel than an airport terminal.

The weekend’s flight disruptions were concentrated at John F. Kennedy International Airport, where over 80% of flights were cancelled, Newark Liberty International Airport, which reported that 89% of flights were cancelled, and LaGuardia Airport in New York City, where 97% of flights were cancelled.

JetBlue customers voiced their dissatisfaction with how their delays and cancellations were handled on social media.

“JetBlue needs to get it together my flight been delayed 6 time already! My friends and I are trying to head back home,” a Boston-based Twitter user identified “Prince Michael” said on the platform Sunday evening.

Travelers found that John Yossarian and Colonel Cathcart were alive and well in Terminal 5 as they encountered multiple paradoxical situations in attempting to get to their destinations.

Traveler Vivian Neilley, an interoperability lead at Google, posted a photo of Terminal 5 with wall-to-wall passengers and their luggage.

“I missed my flight this morning because this is what JFK looked like in your terminal,” she said in her tweet.  “Desk support told me to call, which [in turn] told me to live chat. After six hours of waiting, they told me they couldn’t reimburse me because it wasn’t within 4 hours of departure.”

The airline also lost track of unaccompanied minors during the storm.

“You dropped my 15 year old son from his flight operated by AA and now he is stuck alone in Miami airport. “Emergency need help,” Max Kalehoff, a farmer based in Pelham and New York told the airline.

Hold times at all airlines, including JetBlue, were at near all-time highs, multiple sources told FBT.

Kara Gannon found that her patience was being tried after being on hold for over four hours.

“I have been on hold for 4 hours trying to cancel my flight as the app is not working,” she said in a tweet on Sunday.  “My flight has been changed 2 x since Friday!! Please advise!”

Meanwhile, Lucy Sandwick reported that she had spent five hours trying to cancel a flight, to no avail.

“JetBlue been trying to cancel my flight for over 5 hours,” Sandwick said in her tweet.  “Waiting for a text back that never came and been on hold for over an hour. flight is tomorrow. help!”

Meanwhile, JetBlue, which sources tell FBT didn’t have sufficient staff on hand to deal with the problems ensuing from the blizzard, told passengers it was trying to address issues as quickly as possible.

“We’re experiencing a high response time across all channels, and our crewmembers are diligently working to assist all our customers,” it said on its Twitter feed multiple times.

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