World War II Bomb Explodes in Munich, 4 Injured, Trains Disrupted

By Kurt Stolz on 1 December 2021
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The Munich skyline

Four people were injured when a bomb dating back to the Second World War exploded in Munich.

The explosion took place near the Donnersbergerbrücke station Wednesday morning during nearby construction work for a new train line.  One worker was seriously injured.  The detonation, which was approximately half a mile (0.8 km) from Munich’s Hauptbahnhof, one of Germany’s busiest train terminals, resulted in a suspension of service in and out of the station, wiyh service resuming by mid-afternoon.

The explosion was due to an old 550-pound (250-kilogram) aerial bomb, the Polizeipräsidium München said in a statement.

In Germany, unexploded bombs are not an uncommon phenomenon, even some 76 years after the end of hostilities.  They are frequently found during excavation work at construction sites and are typically defused in controlled explosions.

Innenminister Joachim Hermann told the German news agency dpa that construction sites usually scan for bombs before commencing work.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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