Alaska Airlines to Eliminate the Use of All Plastic Water Bottles and Cups In Flight

By Kurt Stolz on 3 November 2021
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Alaska is eliminating all plastic bottles in its in-flight service.

Alaska Airlines will make a major advance in its sustainability practices, announcing it will eliminate all plastic water bottles and cups in its in-flight service.

The change goes into effect on Thursday.

The Seattle-based airline will partner with Boxed Water is Better, a company that provides water in 92% plant-based cartons.

The airline says that the switch will save 1.8 million pounds of single-use plastics in the course of the coming year.  The weight is equivalent to that of 18 Boeing 737s, the aircraft that is the carrier’s workhorse.

“As a West Coast-based airline, we fly to some of the most beautiful places on earth,” said the airline’s vice president for sustainability, Diana Birkett Rakow.  “Protecting these habitats is critical for our collective future, and reducing plastic waste is a key step.”

Boxed Water is Better was founded in 2009 in Holland, Michigan by Benjamin Gott.  The company’s cartons are made with 100% recyclable materials and can be refilled and reused with drinking water.  Even the cap is made of plant-based material.

The water, which is free of additives, provided in the cartons goes through what the company says is a proprietary multi-step purification process This includes reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, UV light, and ozonification.

The company’s products were first introduced in the airline’s first-class cabins earlier in the year.

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