Amazon’s Whole Foods Grocer to Add $10 Surcharge to All Delivery Orders

By Kurt Stolz on 26 September 2021
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A Whole Foods delivery

If you’ve become accustomed to ordering from Whole Foods and having your order delivered to your home or office, you may soon be in for sticker shock: the Amazon-owned grocer will be adding a $9.95 service fee in many areas that it serves.

The fee, Amazon said in a letter to customers, is to help “cover operating costs so we can continue to offer the same competitive everyday prices in-store and online at Whole Foods Market.”

An Amazon spokesman tried to emphasize that the fee covers Whole Foods’ increase in delivery costs, saying “we do not want to shift to product price.”

The grocer, he said, has had “consistent pricing on everyday priced products in store and online.”

The fee is already in effect in Boston, Detroit, and Chicago, as well as in Manchester, New Hampshire; Portland, Maine; and Providence, Rhode Island.  It will go into effect on October 25, 2021 in other areas.

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