All Companies in New York State Should Require All Employees to Get Vaccinated, Says Cuomo on Last Day in Office

By Kurt Stolz on 24 August 2021
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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called on his successor to mandate vaccinations on a massive scale in a farewell address on Monday.

“Every single employer in New York State should require all eligible employees to get vaccinated.”

The governor resigned after a state attorney general investigation concluded he had sexually harassed multiple women. Cuomo announced his resignation one week later, bringing his ten-year reign to an ignominious end after he had risen to national prominence amidst the early months of the pandemic last year.

Kathy Hochul was sworn in as governor early Tuesday morning in a private ceremony, making history as the first woman to ascend to the state’s highest office.

“Now, this simply will not happen without a state law mandating that it happens,” the now former governor said.  “Local politics are too intense. Private businesses cannot and will not enforce the law. Local police must be mandated to do that. But we must take these actions. Let us remember political procrastination is Covid collaboration,” he added.

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