Coronavirus News Update – July 1: The Virus is Surging, Driven in Part by Crowds Watching Euro 2020 Matches

By Anna Breuer on 1 July 2021
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The Delta, or India, variant is driving a surge of new coronavirus infections across the globe.  Countries that had seemingly vanquished the virus – including Israel and South Korea – are facing new clusters and Australia has issued lockdown orders that affect millions.  Gravediggers in Indonesia are working overtime, while officials announced new restrictions in Java and Bali.

The crowds gathering to watch Euro 2020 football matches are driving some of the numbers, the World Health Organization said, as crowds gather in stadiums and bars. “We need to look much beyond just the stadiums themselves,” said the WHO’s senior emergency officer, Catherine Smallwood. “We need to look at how people get there: Are they traveling in large, crowded convoys of buses? And when they leave the stadiums, are they going into crowded bars and pubs to watch the matches?”

As of Thursday morning, the world has recorded over 183.1 million in Covid-19 cases and has seen over 3.97 million deaths, according to Worldometer, a service that tracks such information. In addition, 167.7 million people worldwide have recovered from the virus.

In the United States, the death toll, which two weeks ago crossed the 600,000 mark, is now 620,250, an increase of 256 in the past day.  Since the start of the pandemic the country has recorded over 34.54 million cases, a higher figure than any other country and one that is followed by India, which now has over 30.4 million officially recorded cases and almost 400,000 officially recorded deaths, although experts now believe that both number are in reality significantly higher.

Since the start of vaccinations at the end of last year over 3.08 billion doses have been administered across the globe as of Thursday morning, the equivalent of 40 doses for every 100 people.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that, as of Thursday, 180.7 million people in the United States – or 54.4% –have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Of that population, 46.7%, or 154.9 million people, are fully vaccinated, and the total number of doses that have been dispensed in the United States is now 326.5 million. Breaking this down further, 66.5% of the population over the age of 18 – or 171.7 million people – has received at least a first inoculation and 57.4% of the same group – or 148.3 million people – is fully vaccinated.

Finally, almost one hundred teens and staffers at a summer camp became ill with Covid-19.  The Crossing Camp in Rushville, Illinois, didn’t check vaccine status or require face masks, state officials said.  One young adult was hospitalized, officials said.

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