American Airlines Completes 737 Fleet Harmonization, Continues Work on Other Planes

By Kurt Stolz on 27 July 2021
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An older American 737 first-class cabin

American Airlines said it had completed updating the interiors of its Boeing 737 fleet, adding that work was continuing on other aircraft including the Airbus A321.

The world’s largest airline has 344 737s including 41 Max 8 aircraft.

“Our 737s are now complete, and we’ve completed the interior work on dozens of A321s in the second quarter,” said Robert Isom, the airline’s president during its Q2 earnings call.

“Now that our 737 fleet is fully harmonized, our customers will have industry-leading WiFi powering every seat and larger overhead bins,” he added.

The airline is working to harmonize its Airbus A321 fleet with a single interior as well.

“We now have just over 100 aircraft left before A321s have a standard onboard product by early next year,”

The airline operates 254 A321s as well as 133 Airbus 319s and 48 A320s.

“In total, we’re now flying more than 350 narrow-body aircraft with new, consistent interiors,” he said. “Most importantly, the customers’ feedback on these aircraft has been exceptional.”

The number of seats on the 737s went from 160 to 172, a feat partially achieved by removing 2” of seat pitch from seats in the first-class cabin and an inch of seat pitch in the premium-economy lite and coach cabins.  Seats in the domestic first-class cabins have 37” of seat pitch and are 21” in width, while seats in the Main Cabin Extra premium-economy lite cabin are 16.6” to 17.8” in width and have a seat pitch of 33”.  Seats in coach are the same width as Main Cabin Extra and have a seat pitch of 30”.

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