American Airlines Prints Final Edition of ‘American Way’ Magazine

By Paul Riegler on 11 June 2021
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American Airlines announced that it was ending publication of American Way, its in-flight magazine, with the current issue.

American Way, which was first published in 1966, is believed to be the airline industry’s longest continually published in-fight magazine.  The move follows similar actions by Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines, which shut down their in-flight magazines – Sky and the Magazine, respectively – amidst the pandemic-induced decline in travel in 2020.

The Fort Worth-based carrier opted to continue to publish American Way, even going as far as to treat the magazine with an antimicrobial technology to keep passengers safe from the virus, while touting the use of the technology on the magazine’s cover.

“American Waymagazine is now printed with a new paper treatment process called Biomaster, which is an antimicrobial technology that helps prevent the growth of unwanted microbes,” the airline said in a statement in August of last year.

The first issue of the magazine, then called The American Way, featured a drawing of the Manhattan skyline with an American Airlines plane flying over the city.

The final issue, June 2020, features a cover story about LGBTQ neighborhoods across the country in celebration of Pride Month.

American also published a separate magazine, AirWorld, that specifically looked at flight.    The October 1966 issue of AirWorld asked passengers to “Read AirWorld and please return it to the seat pocket for American’s Next Passenger” via a message on the cover.  That issue featured photo essay of photographs taken of sunrises and sunsets in space by astronaut Scott Carpenter in 1962 and a look into the future with “Air Travel 1976 Style,” an essay written about taken a flight on the planned but never built Boeing 2707 SST.

Meanwhile, United Airlines continues to publish its in-flight magazine, Hemispheres, and has not indicated any plans to end its run.  Hemispheres was first published in 1992.

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