‘Saturday Night Live’ Roasts the CDC’s New No-Mask Policy

By Kurt Stolz on 16 May 2021
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Given that. late last week, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention somewhat suddenly released new guidance that said that vaccinated people do not have to don face masks indoors and out in most situations, it was inevitable that the late-night television comedy show “Saturday Night Live,” one of the longest-running network television programs in history, would take aim at it.

The show’s cold opening featured Kate McKinnon as Dr. Anthony Fauci, who explained the new mask rules. Stepping into Dr. Fauci’s shoes (as well as a pair of eyeglasses and a reasonably realistic wig), McKinnon’s Fauci didn’t just conduct a briefing. Rather, she introduced the “CDC Players,” supposed doctors who studied theater and then acted out the correct mask behavior, which was anything but correct.

“The Friendly Skies” scene, with apologies to United Airlines, featured Bowen Yang as an airline passenger and Ego Nwodim as a stewardess.  Yang, wearing his mask as a chin diaper, ordered a drink and Nwodim pointed out that he needed to keep his mask fully on when he was not drinking. When he pointed out that he had been sheltering at home for over a year and asked if she wanted “to bang,” she voiced no hesitation in saying, “You know I do, king.”

“The lesson should have been, you need masks on planes, not everybody horny now,” McKinnon’s Fauci concluded.

The “Weekend Update” sketch, a satirical news segment that has been part of the show since day one, upped the ante even further.

Colin Jost and Michael Che, who have performed as the anchors since 2014, had quite a bit to say about the news.

“The CDC announced that fully vaccinated people no longer have to wear masks… except if you go to most places,” Jost thoughtfully reported, with an onscreen list showing where masks were still required, including airports, hospitals, buses, trains, subways, schools, target, and New York.

Jost also poked fun at the words President Joseph Biden used during his statement about the new guidance, “take off your mask and smile,” “even though ‘take it off and smile’ is the first example in every workplace harassment seminar.”

Che pointed out that one way to sell vaccinations is to cite new research that found that “men who have had Covid experience can experience erectile dysfunction, and some have even reported a decrease in the size of their penis.”

“Forget ‘stop the Spread,’ Che concluded, advising the slogan should be “stop the shrink” instead.

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