FAA to Fine Disruptive Passengers $63,000

By Kurt Stolz on 28 April 2021
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Two unruly JetBlue passengers on the same flight in January now face $48,500 in fines for their actions.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it plans civil penalties of $31,750 and $16,750 for the two passengers, who flew from Haiti to Boston on January 4.

The first miscreant consumed alcohol he had brought on board, and then began yelling and grabbing the arms of two flight attendants.  The crew was forced to reseat passengers away from the man and arranged for police to meet the flight in Boston upon landing.

The second malefactor on the flight had also consumed alcohol he brought with him.  He shouted obscenities and “made motions to strike a flight attendant.”  He was also escorted off the aircraft upon landing in Boston.

In addition to the two facing fines from their actions on the JetBlue flight, the FAA is proposing a $14,500 fine against a man who, on a SkyWest flight from Yuma to Dallas-Fort Worth who also “multiple” miniature bottles of alcohol on board and bothered other passengers in the course of the flight. The man was reseated by flight attendants but left his seat at one point moving towards the front of the aircraft.

Two off-duty law-enforcement officials who were on the aircraft wrestled the man back into his seat and babysat him for the remainder of the flight.

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