The End is Near for Europe’s Deep Freeze

By Kurt Stolz on 14 February 2021
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Schloß Nymphenburg in Munich

The deep freeze that has enveloped much of the European continent over the past week is finally coming to an end.  Much of region reported sub-freezing high temperatures, although one country, Greece, enjoyed spring-like weather.

Air travel was largely unaffected given the coronavirus pandemic-induced drop in flights and increase in travel restrictions there.

Germany, which has been experiencing the coldest February since 2012, has seen temperatures plummet as low as -16° F (-26.7° C) in recent days although a warming trend is forecast for mid week.  Icy roads across the country led to numerous accidents.

At least two deaths due to the weather were recorded. A man died after being rescued from a frozen pond where he and several friends had cut holes in the ice in order to go swimming, and another man was crushed to death in southwestern Germany when the tractor he was driving turned over on an icy field.

The Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, the German Red Cross, is warning people to be careful on frozen lakes or rivers after several adults and children fell through the ice and had to be rescued.

In Munich, the thermometer did not climb above the freezing mark, with a low temperature of 7° F (-14° C) forecast.

Meanwhile, temperatures in the north of France have stubbornly remained below the freezing mark, with the riverfront city of Nancy reporting a low of 6° F (-11° C).  The thermometer is climbing somewhat in Paris, where, earlier in the week, workers had to use blowtorches to deice the Eifel Tower.

In western France, freezing rain made roads treacherous, causing numerous accidents.

The Met Office in Britain reported the coldest night there in a quarter century, as the thermometer fell to -9.2° F (-22.9° C) in Braemar, Scotland, although the southern part of the country including London saw normal conditions.

Finally, the freezing temperatures allowed skaters to take to the frozen surface of Amsterdam’s historic Prinsengracht canal Saturday, the first time it was possible to skate safely there in three years.

By midweek, however the weather on the Continent there is expected to be spring like, however.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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