Restaurant Review: Friend of a Farmer Thanksgiving Dinner at Home

Friend of a Farmer on Irving Place in New York City

By Jonathan Spira on 1 December 2020
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Perhaps not surprisingly, as fewer people planned to travel for Thanksgiving amidst the coronavirus pandemic, takeout and delivery options became a significant part of many people’s holiday meals.

Friend of a Farmer, which has grown in the course of a third of a century from a tiny rustic café to a two-story townhouse on Irving Place in Manhattan, is one of the city’s farm-to-table pioneers.

Started by Carrie Morabito in 1986, the operation now includes her two sons who helped me (and many other customers) with my order, although I did not mention I was writing a review for the magazine.  I’ve dined at this restaurant several times and enjoyed my meals there very much. Somehow, I serendipitously read somewhere that this year the establishment was offering a Thanksgiving menu for pickup.

Table set with Meito ivory china, George Jensen silverware, and Riedel glassware

What struck me about the fixed menu was that nothing on it could possibly trigger my acid reflux, not a short list by any means.  I must avoid foods that are highly acidic, such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, and peppermint, while other known acid reflux triggers such as coffee and chocolate don’t seem to affect me.  Very few menus in restaurants today do not havenumerous appetizers and entrées that have a bit of citrus or tomato or something else that’s highly acidic.

Eager with anticipation, I completed the restaurant’s reservation form, requesting Thanksgiving dinner for two with a pickup time of 1 p.m.  I double checked with the restaurant about any possible highly acidic ingredients and received a comforting reply.

While the web form indicated it had been submitted, I never heard back.   As Thanksgiving grew nigh, I called and spoke to someone who apparently raised my order back from the dead and confirmed it.

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