Take Me to the Four Seasons… No, Not That One!

The Fountain Restaurant in the original Four Seasons Philadelphia, which closed in 2015

By Jonathan Spira on 9 November 2020
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When President Trump advertised that his lawyers’ news conference, held this past Monday, would be at the Four Seasons hotel in Philadelphia, few people flinched. After all, it was the Four Seasons and the president himself owned some fairly luxurious properties.

“Lawyers News Conference Four Seasons, Philadelphia. 11:00 a.m.,” President Trump said in a tweet Saturday morning.  No sooner had he sent the tweet than the hotel itself chimed in, saying it had no such event on the program.

“To clarify, President Trump’s press conference will NOT be held at Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia,” the hotel tweeted, adding that the event “will be held at Four Seasons Total Landscaping – no relation with the hotel.”

President Trump followed up with his own correction as the news conference was not at the brand new luxury property downtown butin Northeast Philly in a parking lot for a landscaping company, Four Seasons Total Landscaping to be precise, located between the Delaware Valley Cremation Center and a porno shop, the Fantasy Island Adult Bookstore.

“Big press conference today in Philadelphia at Four Seasons Total Landscaping –  11:30 am!” the President’s second tweet on the topic read.

The confusion about which Four Seasons was it went viral and dozens of pundits on the Internet piled on.

“Some say the world will end in fire/ Others say at Four Seasons Total Landscaping north of the Tacony-Palmyra bridge, near the porn shop,” said CNN anchor Jake Tapper in a tweet.

There’s even a Four Seasons Total Landscaping parody account on Twitter, warning visitors “We are a LANDSCAPING business, take care not to confuse us with a hotel. “

Meanwhile, the actual Four Seasons Total Landscaping company may be the real beneficiary of the campaign’s decision to hold its news conference in its parking lot in a more Republican-friendly part of town.  Unofficial reports said that merchandise sales of their own non-partisan t-shirts and hoodies hit unprecedented highs.  The company, which is looking to hire a landscape maintenance account manager and some crew managers, offers a wide variety of (cough) landscaping services including grounds maintenance, snow removal, and landscape design.

Finally, the new Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia at Comcast Center opened its doors to guests in August of last year and does have conference rooms quite suitable for press events. The new property replaced the original Four Seasons Philadelphia that overlooked Logan Square and closed in June 2015 after 32 years of operation.   It does not, however, have the same gritty red-light district feel as its Northeast Philly branch operation offers.

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