JetBlue Flight Attendants Fail to Ratify Union Contract

By Kurt Stolz on 20 November 2020
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A JetBlue plane taking off

Flight attendants at JetBlue Airways failed to ratify the tentative agreement that had been reached between the airline and the Transport Workers Union.

“We are disappointed in the results of the vote,” said Ian Deason, who heads customer experience at the airline.

“Both the TWU and JetBlue worked through unprecedented circumstances to reach an agreement that was fair to our inflight crewmembers,” Deason said, adding that “[W]e will work with TWU to determine next steps

The airline had reached the tentative agreement with the Transport Workers Union, which will represent the airline’s flight attendants once a ratification process has been completed, in October, and followed two years of negotiation.

In April 2018, the airline’s flight attendants voted overwhelmingly in favor of joining a union.  Prior to that, and since the airline’s founding in 2000, there was no union representation for that workgroup.

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