JetBlue Reaches Tentative Agreement with New Flight Attendants Union

By Kurt Stolz on 23 October 2020
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A JetBlue plane in New York

JetBlue Airways reported that it had reached a tentative agreement with the Transport Workers Union, which will represent the airline’s flight attendants once a ratification process has been completed.

The move follows two years of negotiation.

The airline’s flight attendants voted overwhelmingly in favor of joining a union in April 2018.  Prior to that, and since the airline’s founding in 2000, there was no union representation for that workgroup.

The agreement is subject to a ratification process, the airline said, which includes a review process and final vote by its flight attendants.

“We are pleased to come to this tentative agreement and look forward to bringing the contract to a vote with our inflight crewmembers,” said Ed Baklor, the airline’s vice president for inflight.

Two-thirds of the airline’s 5,000 cabin crewmembers voted to have the Transport Workers Union represent the inflight workforce.

“This historic victory is yet another example of the tide turning in America as workers continue to lock arms and fight back to defend their livelihoods,” said John Samuelsen, the union’s president, in a statement at the time of the vote.

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