Coronavirus News Update for Oct. 26 – CDC Finds Most Americans Don Face Coverings While Russia Orders National Mask Mandate

By Anna Breuer on 28 October 2020
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Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square in Moscow

A new survey from the Centers for Disease Control found that most Americans have been wearing face masks since spring.  The findings are based on three monthly surveys covering approximately 2,000 people each time.  The research also found that hand-washing was as popular as wearing masks but that the habit dropped slightly from April to June as scientists began to realize that the virus was more likely to be transferred by droplets or aerosols in the air than via surface contact.

Largely thanks to the surge in cases in the Midwest, a record 500,000 people contracted the coronavirus in the United States over the past week, based on a Frequent Business Traveler analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University.  Hotspots in the country include Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Lllinois reported 31,000 new cases over the past week.  Meanwhile, Alaska hit a one-day record for positive tests over the weekend.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the addition of the state of California to its travel advisory.  Forty-five states and territories meet the criteria for inclusion on the list although the state exempts New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts “given the interconnected nature of the region and mode of transport between the states.“  Nonetheless, the governor discourages non-essential travel between those states as well.

New Jersey’s largest city, Newark, ordered a partial shutdown due to a significant rise in coronavirus cases. The mayor’s executive order will require restaurants and shops and other non-essential businesses to close at 8 p.m. Health clubs must close for 30 minutes once an hour in order to sanitize equipment.

The Russian government announced a nationwide mask mandate as well as a recommendation for governments of the country’s 85 regions to close restaurants and entertainment venues by 11 p.m. Masks must be worn on public transit, elevators, taxis, and parking garages as well as anywhere that 50 or more people might gather.  Separately, the country’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, entered quarantine after coming into contact with someone who had tested positive for the virus.

The Italian government announced a €5 billion ($5.7 billion) program to support smaller businesses.  Italy’s tax agency will provide funding to “restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, bakeries, ice cream parlors — but also theaters, cinemas, gyms and pools, to name a few,“ said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

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