Trump Adds New Travel and Trade Restrictions to Cuban Embargo

By Paul Riegler on 25 September 2020
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El Capitolio, the Capitol Building, The Capitol building in Havana was restored to serve as the home of Cuba’s National Assembly.

The Trump Administration announced new sanctions against Cuba that add onto the measures announced in 2019.

The new restrictions will prohibit Americans from staying at hotels funded by the Cuban government and from importing Cuban rum and cigars.

In 2019, the administration moved to ban group educational and cultural trips to the island nation as well as a ban on visits by cruise ships, private yachts, and fishing vessels.

The move is largely symbolic as Cuba is closed to outsiders amidst the coronavirus pandemic but when the country reopens, Americans will be prohibited from staying at over 400 hotels funded by the Cuban government or “certain well-connected insiders,” the State Department said in a statement.

The United States embargo against Cuba, which began in 1958, is the most enduring trade embargo in modern history.  It began when the United States placed en embargo on exports to Cuba with the exception of food and medicine after Cuba nationalized American-owned Cuban oil refineries without compensation.

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