Smoke from Deadly West Coast Wildfires Reaches as Far East as New York City

By Paul Riegler on 15 September 2020
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Some of the smoke from the deadly wildfires in the western part of the United States has made it to the other side of the country, as far east as New York City, where it is widespread haze.

“Widespread haze is likely today in NYC, as a plume of wildfire smoke from Western US wildfires moves overhead,” said New York Metro Weather, a community-supported weather service, on Twitter.

The main sign of the smoke’s presence along with the haze would be a “yellow or brown tinge” in the sky, the National Weather Service said.

The deadly fires have resulted in the deaths of at least 36 people in California, Oregon, and Washington state.

The smoke that reached the Big Apple, however, did not cause a decline in air quality as it remained above 15,000’ (4,572 m).

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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