New York State Implements Fines for Anyone Refusing to Wear a Mask on Mass Transit

By Kurt Stolz on 14 September 2020
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New York State is implementing fines for users of the state’s mass transit systems who do not don a mask.

Travelers on the Long Island Railroad, Metro North Railroad, as well as New York City’s subways and buses must wear a mask or face a penalty of $50 per instance.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, in announcing the fines, said that compliance with the mask requirement is very high, as high as 90%, but added he wants everyone to feel safe on mass transit as he expects the use of trains and buses to increase as more people return to work.

Masks are also required at the city’s train and bus terminals including Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station. Penn Station, which is also the terminal for New Jersey Transit, serves more than 600,000 passengers per day. It is the busiest transportation facility in the Western Hemisphere and has 21 tracks fed by seven tunnels. Owned by Amtrak, it is at the center of the Northeast Corridor, a passenger rail line linking New York with Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

The fines went into effect on Monday.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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