United Airlines Wards Off the Coronavirus on the Flight Deck with UVC Technology

By Kurt Stolz on 7 August 2020
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United Airlines said it is now using ultraviolet C lighting technology to disinfect the flight decks of its aircraft.

The airline is using handheld, UVC Blades from the American Ultraviolet company to kill viruses such as the novel coronavirus on the flight deck’s touchscreens and switches  in order to ensure that its pilots have a safe and germ-free work environment.

The carrier said it explored a variety of use cases for UVC lighting and consulted with experts at the Cleveland Clinic before determining that the flight deck would be “the most effective use of the technology.”

“We know that the virus can be killed by ultraviolet light,” said Dr. James Merlino, the Cleveland Clinic’s chief clinical transformation officer, referencing the coronavirus.

“Flight decks have many working parts, screens and components that are challenging to clean with traditional hand wipes and liquids, especially for someone who isn’t a pilot,” said Bryan Quigley, the airline’s senior vice president of flight operations. “The UVC lighting gives us a faster, more effective disinfection of one of the most important areas of the aircraft.”

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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