Google Debuts New Apple CarPlay Features, Adds App for Apple Watch

By Paul Riegler on 13 August 2020
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Google announced a new version of Google Maps that adds additional Apple CarPlay functionality and new features to the Maps app, as well as a new Google Maps app for the Apple Watch.

With the launch of Apple iOS 12, Apple introduced the ability to support Google Maps and other third-party navigation apps via the CarPlay framework.Google released version 5.0 of the iOS version of Google Maps on September 18, just days after Apple added the support.

New features in Google Maps for Apple CarPlay include a CarPlay Dashboard that adds a split screen with a window with controls for switching or pausing songs from a media app, rewinding or fast forwarding podcasts or audiobooks, or reviewing calendar appointments.

The new app operates in a similar manner to Google’s iOS version.  The user can obtain directions to travel via car, bike, public transit, or on foot.  The app provides the estimated time of arrival and allows the user to save destinations such as Work or Home.

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